Family Reaction To Another Pregnancy

The Brown family adjusts to life in Utah, some unexpected news and difficulties all around as the season premiere of Sister Wives kicked off on TLC.

When the Brown family first made their hectic move to Las Vegas, following an investigation for polygamy in their home state of Utah, they thought it would be a fresh start. Little did they know the troubles they would experience shortly after they made their arrival.

sister wives

Kody Brown and his wives, Meri, Robyn, Christine and Janelle, as well as their combined 16 children, are finding life in Las Vegas difficult. Up until recently, the family (minus new spouse Robyn) all lived together in a large home in Utah, with connecting stairs and passageways to each family, who had their own apartment. If one of the wives needed their husband, he would certainly be around in a hurry.

Flash forward to life in Las Vegas, where everyone is in a different home and Kody spends his time traveling to and fro between all four wives and their children. It continues to make for a difficult transition, particularly for the children, who see less of their dad than ever before and have more time with just one mom. Prior to this, they had the luxury of spending time with their other "moms" because they were all sharing the same home.

Teenagers Aspen, Hunter and Maddie are having the roughest time with the transition, as they were used to life in Utah and are finding it hard to fit in at their new public schools.

Active in their former church (LDS), the Browns sought out religious counsel by attending a nearby Presbyterian Church and although they found the pastor kind enough, they were a house divided on if they should send their children there for extra-curricular activities. Robyn, in particular, seemed particluarly dismayed, as she felt they had worked so hard to live the life and religion they all shared, that it would be wrong to expose the kids to something new.

Christine transformed her barren backyard into a kiddie paradise, with a smaller pool for the children as well as a playhouse. Janelle hosted a party for the teenagers, who introduced their friends to their family and the Browns felt more secure that their children had picked nice kids to befriend.

But the biggest news of all was Robyn's pregnancy. She and Kody are having their first child and it was Meri's daughter who was most unhappy about the news, as Meri could never have any more children after her only daughter. Robyn stepped up like a good friend and comforted the teen and gave support to Meri, who was genuinely happy with the addition to their growing brood.

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Comments on "Sister Wives recap: premiere"

Winnie September 29, 2011 | 5:04 AM

Am I the only one who gets the fact that if they decriminalize polygamy those women and children not its such "HAPPY" homes will loss what access or resort to a person for help or protection: Were will be their recourse to the courts for justice? They all wont be living with Brown family. a person has a right to resorted to for help or protection. just because TLC has made This "Entertainment" dose not make it such acts are not legal. Have we not learned anything from the Warren Jeff's trial? Not all are happy homes. Take the lost boys, they were lost because there was no protection for them under the law. Jeff's was no fool he never tossed out under age boys, but boys just the same un- educated children at hart,with no knowledge of the out side world. Polygamy has more then a few entertaining story's we can tune in once a week. There is darkness we know nothing about, that's why the law should be upheld. For the protection for those who will need it. Think people Think........ 3. the right to collect from a maker or endorser of a negotiable instrument. The endorser may add the words “without recourse” on the instrument, thereby transferring the instrument without assuming any liability.

lin crow September 27, 2011 | 7:35 PM

who are we to judge this is there lifestyle,not yours i think they are a wonderfull family and i just love watching their show ,you can allways learn something new,and they all love eachother thats the Greatest,gift of all,Kody I don,t know you do it,but your alot of fun,and all your wifes are beautifull including your children love all you guys,i was waiting for you all to come back can,t wait till sunday

Kris September 27, 2011 | 11:43 AM

They aren't on welfare. First they make too much from the show, any aid would have been pulled by now like it was for the teen mom's losing child care subsidy and medical because of the show's salary. Also there is a time limit on how long you can receive aid. Second Meri and Janelle and Kody were all working before going public. Only one wife stayed home with the kids. When 3 out of 4 adults are working it's like 2 regular married families with 6 kids each, one family a 2 parent working household. Four of the kids didn't exist until last season. The baby was just born and 3 kids came from Robyn's first marriage. They were a family of 4 adults and 12 kids until recently. Probably getting child support for Robyn's three kids from ex. The older boys go to the grandparent's ranch to work during the summer. This isn't really a family suggesting a lazy lifestyle publicly or even privately to their kids. The mom's were pretty clear from the first season on that the kids were to get training or college in something. In fact Meri, the first wife, was taking classes at the time. Talk about an positive example that education is important and it's never too late to get more classes in. As for the car he was in sales. I'm imagining he leases the car and it was for his image. Nothing screams polygamist like a 15 passenger van. Their pantry looked like typical LDS. Enough food for a year, mostly grains. Oatmeal doesn't cost $.30 a bowl when you buy it in 50 pound sacks. When you have a dozen people in the family you can make it through 50 pounds of oatmeal in a reasonable amount of time. They were also home educated or part of church school coop. Only a few years have they even benefited from public school. Talk about a savings to the tax payer!

Alexa September 26, 2011 | 11:53 PM

Does anyone else wonder why a man with 4 wives and 16+ children drives a 2-seater sportscar?

carle September 26, 2011 | 9:05 PM

These people are nuts. Do these women really believe they are married to Kody? He is only legally married to one person - Meri. The others can pretend all they want that they are married to him, wear rings, act all lovey dovey with him, get pregnant from him, but they are not legally married. Therefore, they collect welfare as single parents to support all their kids. The more kids they have, the more welfare they collect. That's why Robyn is so happy. Now that she is pregnant, welfare checks are only months away. While they may call themselves "conservative" they are not at all. Having three mistresses while married is adultry not conservative. They don't allow the kids to date or have much of a life outside of the family, so they won't be able to function in a normal lifestyle that is not poligamy themselves. In fact, Kody is so self centered. He barely pays any attention to any of the kids, except if they are having a problem. The one boy Hunter is destined for trouble. He is miserable, and do they care? All Kody cares about is whose bed he is sleeping in. This may make for good entertainment, but tragic lives.

Kris September 26, 2011 | 7:27 PM

First off they are making money from the show. The one owned a business, maybe it got sold due to publicity as she isn't working? Most people married 20 years have assets. At least 2 out of the 4 were working to support 4 apartments and the family. Vegas probably the easiest market to buy 4 houses outside of Michigan. There is no much inventory and prices just nose dived. Can't be all that expensive. Robyn has been polygamist for a couple of months and none of her kids are teens. 2 of the three wives with actual teens just wanted to find some kids who also have been raised to think you shouldn't be doing drugs, drinking, smoking or less than modest things. Janelle doesn't look any better out of Utah than she did all paranoid about the potential charges. It really didn't matter if they moved. Her older kids did a lot of looking after the little ones. Now she is home more no wonder they are confused. I wouldn't call not wanting to play football in a new school rebelling. No wonder the one boy was off helping his younger sister via Christine instead of at the party. I think Meri's daughter took the new baby news the hardest because by rights she should be his only child. She is the only child from his first and currently still legal union.

ann September 26, 2011 | 3:43 PM

Where are they getting all the money to buy all these beautiful homes? My understanding is none of them are working and they have NO money!! Didn't they just walk out of their other homes?

Kris September 26, 2011 | 2:55 PM

They are not LDS. The family is part of a group that separate from lds church over a hundred years ago. They considered a Presbyterian youth group for their kids to be involved with and met with the pastor. When they were discussing it back home the LDS church was mentioned as being closest to their values. Two in the marriage grew up LDS. But the groups are too hostile toward each other. The dad mentioned a family like their would not be welcome. The LDS church is the closest doctrine as they share some of the same scripture but it would like Pat Robertson in a Roman Catholic church.

Michelle September 26, 2011 | 2:18 PM

Just to be clear - the Browns are NOT LDS. They considered having their children attend LDS youth activities, but decided against it because of the discrimination they would face. LDS and polygamists (I think the Browns are Apostolic Brethren, but I'm not sure) don't get along.

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