Anderson Cooper's Brother's Suicide

The mother of Anderson Cooper gave a rare interview about the suicide of her other son, Carter.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper brought his glamorous mother Gloria Vanderbilt on his show today to discuss an intensely personal family tragedy: The suicide of his brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper.

Carter died after throwing himself off a balcony of the family's posh New York apartment in 1988 -- a suicide his mother later came to believe was caused by a new asthma medication.

"Do you still think about that day?" Anderson asked his mom.

"All the time, I still run through it," Vanderbilt answered. "There was a moment when...he did not jump. He was sitting on the wall thirteen floors up, on the balcony. With one foot on there and one foot hanging down, he kept looking down."

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"I kept begging him too... and then when he went, he went like an athlete and hung over the wall like this. I said, 'Carter, come back,' and for a minute I thought he was going to come back, but he didn't. He let go. There was a moment when I thought I was going to jump after him. But then I thought of you and it stopped me from doing that," she poignantly explained.

"There is this word 'closure' that they talk spoke [sic] so much about today, but there's never closure on something that happens like that."

In addition to the new medication, 23-year-old Carter had recently broken up with his girlfriend and moved back home. Gloria Vanderbilt is an heiress-turned-fashion-designer whose jeans helped usher in the era of designer denim.

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Comments on "Anderson Cooper's mom: "I thought I was going to jump""

Lark Howell October 17, 2011 | 7:24 PM

Dear Anderson, According to the psychic John Edward, the show on which he was interviewed by you was supposed to air today, Oct 17th? He also mentioned doing a reading for you and your mother. It sounded wonderful. I have watched tonight but everything is about politics! When will that show air?

Jeff Thompson September 19, 2011 | 3:14 PM

I have 2 sons 23 ~21 and I have been telling them since they were about 13 Please do me a favor and never ever take your life over a break up with a girl, because some times they it might its the end of the world and its not life goes on.

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