Singer Says, "I Was Broken."

Demi Lovato revealed to fans at a concert this weekend at New York City's Hammerstein ballroom that last year, she wasn't in a good place and on Good Morning America that she was "broken". The young actress has triumphed over her adversity and wants to now be a role model for other young girls struggling with similar issues.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato can only sum up her journey this past year in two words, "standing tall".

The young actress, who last year famously checked herself into a clinic for treatment of personal issues was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She was also diagnosed with an eating disorder and was cutting her skin to help her deal with the pain she was experiencing internally but is now happy and healthy and ready to take on the next chapter in her life.

Lovato appeared on Good Morning America on Sept. 19 to discuss not only her prognosis now, but her new album Unbroken, to be released on Sept. 20. She recently appeared at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom in a concert where she revealed to fans, "A year ago today, I was not in a good place. I needed help and I want anybody in this audience to know that if you're struggling with one of the issues that I dealt with or a different issue, that you can get help, that you can recover and it's possible if you just tell someone."

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On GMA, Lovato appeared excited to start this new phase of her life. She stated to Robin Roberts, "I'm standing tall and confident and happy and healthy and proud. I wanted to do a song that would explain my journey, (her recent release Skyscraper). This song inspires my fans."

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She continued, "Coming forward and talking about it (overcoming cutting, an eating disorder and managing her bipolar disorder) has not only helped me personally, but others as well. When you have a problem or issue it becomes an elephant in the room. I have lots of fans who come forward to me at concerts and reveal that they can tell their parents about their own struggles because of me."

Lovato also experienced her first taste of backlash since returning to the limelight, when several online bloggers discussed her weight after a recent red carpet appearance. Lovato fired back online and on GMA by stating, "I'm Irish, Sicilian and Hispanic and I'm a little fiesty. I saw a lot of comments on Twitter (about my weight) and it's a big issue. What, I'm suppposed to succumb to your image of what beauty is? I want to be a role model for young girls."

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Comments on "Demi Lovato reveals hard times to GMA"

someone. June 20, 2013 | 9:59 AM

Demi lovato is such an inspiration. I've dealt with self harm and i was diognised with half bipolar and depressions. I'm such a BIG fan of Demetria Devonne Lovato because of her and the journey she's been through, she's given me alot of reasons to live. Also i was bullied through the internet including: twitter& People would say im too skinny and im ugly, it would obviously hurt me, alot. But i acted like it didnt hurt me but it really did. Everyone day i would cry myself to sleep. I know i'm a recent self harmer: 23rd April 2013, it was the day when i've cut my wrist for the first time. I really do regret it, but i need Demi Lovato, she's my hero ?

Caroline September 19, 2011 | 1:02 PM

I Think Demi is one off the most beatiful celebritys, and she is an rolemodel for me, and thusind off other girls. She is my rolemodel, and she showed mé that i'm perfect the way i am, even if i'm not skiny. And then is she my rolemodel because she is so talented. She is one off the Best singer's in the World, and she is a really good actress too.

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