Casey Anthony To Pay
Florida Almost $100K

Casey Anthony has been ordered to pay Florida around $100,000 for lying to police which resulted in them conducting a massive search for her daughter.

Casey Anthony was acquitted on murdering her daughter, Caylee. However, she was found guilty of four counts of lying to the Florida police. Anthony, who is currently undergoing psychological treatment, has been ordered to reimburse the state $97,000 for lying to police and sending them on what prosecutors called a "wild goose chase" as they searched for Caylee, even though Casey knew she was dead.

Casey Anthony

Prosecutors originally wanted her to pay $500,000 for the investigation, but today Judge Belvin Perry ordered that she was only required to reimburse less than a fifth of the total cost of the investigation.

The charges, Judge Perry wrote, "are reasonably related to the investigative work provided as a result of Defendant providing false information as to the location of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, and making other misrepresentations to law enforcement."

It's questionable whether or not Anthony has the means to pay this back – especially after a judge in 2010 said she was "indigent" and said taxpayers must cover the cost of her defense. While there have been rumors of book deals, paid interviews and more, it's unlikely this will ever happen or that the American public will pay to hear what Anthony has to say.

"Realistically, it's unlikely she'll ever pay any of these costs, but the failure to pay could complicate her life for the foreseeable future," defense attorney Richard Hornsby told the Orlando Sentinel. He said if she doesn't pay in 90 days, she could be referred to a collection agency and her driver's license would be suspended.

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Comments on "Casey Anthony ordered to pay back Florida for “wild goose chase”"

Rick Patel September 16, 2011 | 3:25 PM

So, is this another sour-grapes swipe at Casey Anthony, or will the same dubious legal criteria apply to every citizen who is questioned by a police officer in the State of Florida? Has any other convicted person, who has already served consecutive maximum sentences, been required to "pay back" the State of Florida for investigating them?

A.D. September 16, 2011 | 2:02 PM

I think it is only fair she pays Florida back. They should have her work for the state to pay it off!

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