No Baby, No Romance, No Dice

With a new round of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds rumors circulating, Bullock smacks down the romance rumors. They’ve been "just friends" for over a decade, but with the age old debate of whether men and woman can actually be "just friends," they're back to defending.

Ryan Reynold and Sandra Bullock - not a couple.Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were romantically linked after spending New Years together earlier this year, but that doesn't quite compare to having a gossip rag announce they're making a baby! With the duo caught on vacay together last month, tongues are wagging, but Bullock has denied the claims.

"Ryan Makes Sandra Happier than Ever with A Baby at 47!" announced the cover of OK. That's some headline, and the cover story went on to reveal Bullock is knocked up and in love, while Reynolds is signing to become adoptive dad to her 19-month old cutie, Louis.

More rumblings about the pair taking their friendship to the next level, being inseperable or just being spotted together emerged along with the requisite denials from yet more unnamed sources.

As SheKnows often points out, one should be careful of falling under the spell of unnamed sorcery, but fans would love to hear this unlucky in love pair found love together. Not only did the American sweethearts have fun chemistry in The Proposal, but just look how good they look together!

Plus, 2010 was a rough year for the old friends, with Bullock refusing to be taken down by the Jesse James cheating train, while Reynolds divorced Scarlett Johansson after only two years of marriage.

Luckily, Bullock has spoken out for herself, albeit through Entertainment Tonight. Bullock told ET that she is "not romantically involved" with Reynolds. "She is not pregnant and has no plans to adopt another baby at this time," presenter Samantha Harris added during the show.

It seems as much as fans and media outlets would love to see these two paired, it's just not in the cards.

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Comments on "Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds still just friends without benefits"

anonymous September 09, 2011 | 8:04 PM

This is so unfair to the both of them. They vacationed as couples when they were both married. His business partner is a real close friend of Sandra's, and is the reason they met. It would be a shame for this friendship to ruined by the tabloids, They have work related projects so how can they conduct business w/o these rag magazines making a big deal everytime they meet. They have discussed Ryan's desire to have babies since back in 2008 when he married Scarlet. For that point on, they labeled her as this selfish girl who did not want to carry his child. Then the adoption rumors started about them adopting from Africa. Then per sources and the magazines the divorce was about their busy schedules and her desire not to get pregnant. According to these same magazines, he left Charlize Theron because she wanted babies and he does not. Is he being stalked. They seem to be combing the hills looking for this Ducarti motorbike to see where he is spending his time. These people have circle of friends just like everybody else. Aside the money and recognition, they are average people who deserve personal dignity a bit of privacy.

betty September 09, 2011 | 2:45 PM

Maybe Sandra should just remain a single mother for the rest of her life. I hope Ryan Reynolds will stay away from her and he should just marry another woman soon! Sandra would be better off getting old alone. I hope there will be no more pics of her and Ryan. I hope they will not do anymore projects together!

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