Kate Gosselin Adjusting To Life Offscreen

Kate Gosselin is not taking the cancellation news of her show, Kate Plus 8, very well, In fact, she is “freaking out.” What’s next for the reality mom?

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin's life for the past six years has been captured on TV, including raising her eight kids, going through a divorce and transitioning to a single mom. Will the reality mom know how to live life offscreen?

She tells People that the cancellation of her TLC show, Kate Plus 8, has been a difficult one for her and her kids. "I'm freaking out. Big time," she says in the newest issue of the magazine.

In fact, she says her kids have been on TV since 2005 on their original reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and they "weren't ready" to leave the show.

"I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next," she admitted.

Kate's ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, said he found out about the cancellation by a "press release' and was "very relieved" that his kids will no longer be on the show.

"I hope they can have more private family moments," he said. "I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children and that they can get the proper attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future."

The couple's divorce played out in the tabloids and on TV in 2009 – and Jon says that he has "no clue" what Kate's next move will be. "I hope she dedicates more time to the kids now and I wish her the best as she goes forward with whatever career she wants to pursue," he says.

Kate, however, is concerned she will no longer be able to keep up the lifestyle they have gotten used to. I told them I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school. There are no guarantees in life for anyone, but they know that I'm giving it my best shot."

The last episode of Kate Plus 8 will air on Sept. 12 on TLC.

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Comments on "Kate Gosselin is "freaking out" over show cancellation"

BK September 10, 2011 | 12:44 PM

I am so happy this show has been cancelled. We are all sick of the poor attitude Kate has. Kate tells the world that she is a born a gain christian, I don't see Christ in her at all. She was on the 700 Club and tells that she is Christian, Im sorry Kate, Pray and ask God to change your heart!

huh? September 10, 2011 | 10:45 AM

I would think that Kate would have been able to pay off her home and have plenty left to sustain her until she finds something else. I sure hope she has put some away for her children and their education, but the way it sounds, she hasn't. I worry for the kids and how her obvious angry/anxiety issues will play out at home - minus cameras.

Jane September 10, 2011 | 9:35 AM

I agree, she will find someway back into reality TV..And the fact that she has to do a JOB..OMG something that is a bad word for her and she will keep her kids in the life that they are accustomed to? She wasnt paying for any of that TLC was so she will find some other suckers to pay for what she thinks the world owes her and her kids..Such a shame she wants to milk everything she can when there are kids out there who have NOTHING and would love to have one ounce of what her kids had and she is worried..She makes me sick

pat September 10, 2011 | 8:03 AM

You got your wish Kate. no more papparazzi following you! "Oh dear, What will I do"?! Careful what you wish for Kate! Maybe you should at least TRY and pretend to be a nice person! Nobody owes you anything Kate. You owe EVERYTHING to your kids, without them you would be a nobody. I will be the first to buy your children's version of "MOMMIE DEAREST".

D September 10, 2011 | 7:55 AM

She is more worried about A TV series than her kids

lc September 08, 2011 | 4:52 AM

start by getting rid of your mansion loser and spend time with your kids. I hope no one on TV even thinks about giving her a job!

Rachel September 07, 2011 | 12:16 PM

I have a feeling this isn't the last we have heard of Kate Gosselin. she won't go away! lol

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