Is Matthew Fox Lost Or Just Hiding?

Party bus driver of the week Heather Bormann has officially filed an assault complaint against Lost alum Matthew Fox. Whether or not criminal charges against Fox are pressed now depends on the Cleveland City Prosecutor's Office. While they interview witnesses and further investigate the matter, Bromann plans to file a civil suit. The alleged assault victim is getting her fifteen minutes of fame, but Matthew Fox remains mum.

The Matthew Fox Cleveland scuffle continues to make headlines. Heather Bormann officially filed a criminal complaint against Fox Tuesday and witnesses are now being interviewed. Bormann claims a drunk Fox tried to hitch a ride on her party bus and then physically attacked her for not letting him in.

Bus driver Bormann has pressed Charge: Is Matthew Fox Lost?

Bormann's story is that she was driving for a private bachelor party when Fox showed up looking for a ride back to The Ritz-Carlton Hotel at around 1:20am Sunday Aug. 28. Bormann "got up from the driver's seat and blocked the entrance," according to the police report, so she says he punched her "in the chest and stomach area," forcing her to defend herself.

"It was all within maybe a minute from me noticing him to fists flying," Bormann told Cleveland's Fox 8 on her way out of the courthouse yesterday. "It was like a minute, if that… When I punched him I hurt my hand. [Celebrities] need to refrain from the alcohol, definitely, when they know they're in the limelight."

Bormann has been sporting a wrist brace and showed off some of her bruises on Monday. The prosecutor's office has snapped photographs of those bruises, along with some on her legs, according to CNN reports. Now, prosecutors will have to decide about pressing criminal charges, while Bormann will move on to filing her civil suit.

"He hit me and he should pay the consequences of assaulting a woman," Bormann insisted. "Right now it's considered a civil matter and that's why he was ultimately released Sunday morning, so I would have to press charges."

At press time, Fox still has not publicly commented on the incident and surprisingly, there hasn't even been any secret source on the gossip sites yet or paparazzi shots of the split lip Bormann says she gave him in retaliation.

Though one fan did speak out in Fox's defense, one has to wonder what happened to the guys at Bromann's bachelor party. Though they aren't talking to the press either, they may be talking to someone.

"The prosecutor's office is reviewing the matter and they have now started interviewing witnesses," Andrea Taylor, Mayor Frank G. Jackson's press secretary, told CNN today.

With Bormann making news every day this week, there's sure to be more updates today. As the story continues to unfold, however, don't let Fox's silence convince you of his guilt or innocence. Any lawyer would tell him it's in his best interests to stay mum until this is hashed out legally.

Plus, the way celeb arrests and blow ups are handled these days, Fox could easily show up in rehab, even if he's not guilty. Stay tuned for more on this story.

Photograph courtsey of CBS.


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Comments on "With assault charges officially filed, where's Matthew Fox?"

anon. September 07, 2011 | 7:04 AM

I asked his kid about this on facebook.. and she never replied. WTF!

Therese September 02, 2011 | 12:34 PM

Gosh I hope somebody (his lawyer or somebody) will read these comments to help his case! She should pay for all bad things she's done.

Sephria August 31, 2011 | 4:04 PM

This is what one guy wrote from the other site Whoa! That's the chick who stole my cousin's watch! I know someone who was on TMZ? Eww. I saw someone's tweet about this yesterday, but wasn't paying any attention until a buddy linked to a picture of the bus driver. This chick drove my cousin's party bus just a few weeks ago! He got hammered at his bachelors party so bad that he went back to the bus earlier while we were still in the club. When he woke up, his watch was gone and this pink-haired Heather person was the only one with access to the bus while he was in there. When he confronted her the next day she yelled at him that she's going to call the cops and tell them he tried to RAPE her so he was kinda scared of her. Rape her?? She's twice his size and he was completely uselsess. WTF.!!!It wasn't expensive, but it must have looked like it to her cause it was old, a grandpa gift or something. AJ, get your watch back from this harpy, man! I’m back in Europe now, but I got your back man! I don’t care who this dude is, that show sucked, but she’s PLAYING him for money

Jessie August 31, 2011 | 2:22 PM

Nordic, where are you seeing these rumours? If he's filming this is a good thing, also smart for not saying anything too.

KT Pierce August 31, 2011 | 12:15 PM

He just hasn't been right since he left the island. He has to go back!!!

Nordic August 31, 2011 | 12:13 PM

He's working. They were filming in a cemetery in Akron today. And yeah, his lawyer gave him good advice. She's going for a cashgrab but it's not going to be easy cause there's rumors about this not being her fist attempt.

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