Pregnant Man Wanted To Tango

Chaz Bono is hogging up the allowance for transgendered contestants on the 2011 cast of Dancing with the Stars. This, according to the jealous pregnant man.

Chaz Bono -- DWTS rehearsal

Chaz Bono may be the first transgendered contestant to waltz onto the cast of Dancing with the Stars, but does his casting mean another transgender man got shut out? Thomas Beatie, commonly known as 'the pregnant man' seems to think so.

Chaz Bono, pictured here at Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars rehearsal in Los Angeles, has supposedly taken up the spot Thomas Beatie was hoping for -- even though the pregnant man readily admits he never got so much as a callback.

Thomas Beatie, a female-to-male transgender who has given birth to three children, tells TMZ, "Chaz Bono stole my thunder."

The site reports:

Thomas says he understands why producers wouldn't cast two famous transgender people on the show -- but he's still pretty bummed out ... telling us, "I wanted to try my new body out. I'm an athlete and I know I would have excelled."

SheKnows has reached out to a Chaz Bono's rep for comment, but has yet to hear what the 2011 DWTS cast member thinks of Thomas Beatie's comments.

Do you think the pregnant man has a right to say Chaz Bono stole his thunder?


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Comments on "Chaz Bono stealing another man's DWTS thunder?"

reefers September 01, 2011 | 7:38 AM

i don't care if they are a he or she. the point of the show is to teach people how to ballroom dance and compete against others who are learning also. they don't necessarily have to be mark cuban. he is not a celeb, he's a billionaire. lets just see how talented chaz is. could be a very good student, surely after living with cher he should have the ability to dance to a tune. i'm sure he will do quite well for himself. i'm not , or transgender but i'm not watching the show to check out all the bodies. i'm watching to see who has the ability to learn something new and take it to the fullest and win. good luck to chaz and all the other contestants. i can't wait for it to start.

Kayla August 31, 2011 | 1:05 PM

I was about to say boohoo pregnant man, its because your not a real celebrity...but then again.....what is Chaz exactly famous for?

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