Lea Michele Ousts Charice Pempengco

Charice Pempengco was fired from Glee because Lea Michele didn't want the competition, sources say.

Lea Michele

How big of a diva is Glee star Lea Michele? If these rumors are true, a huge one.

Singing sensation Charice Pempengo was touted as the next big thing but her role was drastically cut back from what show creator Ryan Murphy originally planned.

While Murphy told press Pempengo, who played foreign exchange student Sunshine Corazon and performed a killer rendition of Telephone with Michele, was due for another five-episode run at the end of season two, that was reduced to two in a greatly reduced storyline.

According to inside sources, Michele didn't want to share the spotlight with another fresh young face.

"Charice was signed for a minimum of five episodes and did a press junket with [fellow new star] Chord Overstreet," a source told Page Six. "She had a big debut, but things changed and they didn't put her back in. The word is, Lea is the big star, and producers want to keep her happy."

So is the rumor true? Not according to Glee staff. A spokesperson said, "This is categorically untrue. We love Charice, and she was a wonderful addition to Glee last season. While it is true that she appeared in fewer episodes last year than we originally anticipated, this was due to her busy schedule and the natural creative process in which some story arcs ... did not materialize as planned. Lea is a consummate pro who couldn't be more welcoming of other powerhouse singers on the show, from Kristin Chenoweth to Idina Menzel, who is set to reprise her role as Rachel's birth mom this fall."

Today is Lea Michele's birthday, so let's hope she can lay this rumor to rest and enjoy it!

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Comments on "Did Lea Michele get a Glee star fired?"

James September 01, 2011 | 12:43 AM

Lea's a , yes, but she's also professional so I don't believe this rumor.

Joe August 29, 2011 | 11:12 AM

Sources" No, one unknown source. Not sources. This is BS, stop targeting this young lady. the other have explain in detail why this is ludicrous.

Frank August 29, 2011 | 11:10 AM

Almost all of the guest stars that have been on glee have had their episodes reduced, sotrylines change. Jon Groff was suppose to be in more episode and he had at least 2 fewer than originally reported. Believe me Lea didn't get Jon's role reduced. John Stamos had less, Idina had less in the first season. So stop reporting nonsense. Have you all been paying attention to Ryan Murphy he changes things at the last moment all the time and it isn't becasue of Lea Michele.

No, Lea didn't get anyone fired August 29, 2011 | 7:34 AM

Why does Lea Michele need to say anything about this BS. I know it's more fun to talk trash about people, but this is so ridiculous. There are many more reasons Caharice's role was cut down (SHE WASN'T FIRED YOU IDIOTS). Here are just a few: 1) Her "music" and touring schedule wasn't conducive to the crazy 16-hour days the Glee cast works; 2) Storylines changed over the season until noone had a storyline unless you were St. Kurt or the girl (both of which cbrought the show down, because of the maudlin, victim tone of the whole ting); or 3) While Charice's singing was OK (I'm not a fan, but I get some people love it), her acting was abyssmal and she wasn't working out. Any of these are more plausible than Lea Michele, who has shared the screen AND songs with Kristin Chenowith (tony winner, emmy winner), Idina Menzel (Tony winner), and Gwyneth Paltrow (Oscar winner) feeling threatened by this little girl. HAPPY BIRTHDYA LEA! Stay the professional, talented, fabulous woman you are! Don't let the ridiculous idiots get you down!

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