Agt: Redemption Time!

America's Got Talent gave 12 acts the ultimate chance at redemption Tuesday night. Read on to see which wild card acts caught our attention.

America's Got Talent gave each judge a chance to bring four acts back for the ultimate second chance. Read on to see which five acts caught our attention...

Piers Morgan kicked off the night by bringing The Kinetic King back. You may remember his last time on stage was a bust -- he couldn't get one thing to move. This time he proved he has the kinetic power. Check out the The Kinetic King doing his domino-thing...

Sharon's pick, Shevonne, literally had us spellbound with her version of Frankie J's Nobody's Perfect. The judges hands down made a mistake sending her home in Vegas and they admitted it Tuesday night. Watch Shevonne light up the stage...

Another pick of Sharon's, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, has the perfect act for Vegas! They're dangerous, sexy and ride bikes -- what more can you ask for? Piers made a good point. When you look at the core of this group, there's such a danger element that you can't help but be excited about them. See for yourself...

We had trouble deciding between these next two acts, so we're showing you both. First up is Summerwind Skippers. We couldn't figure out why they were ever sent home and we're so happy Piers Morgan brought them back. They make an art out of skipping rope and this time they lit theirs on fire -- literally. Check it out...

Landon Swank mixes old school magic with modern-day sex appeal to make the art of illusion and mystery exciting. He's our current-day Copperfield -- if that's possible -- because no one is David Copperfield. Okay, maybe that was a loaded statement. You be the judge...

What did you think of America's Got Talent wild card round?

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