Jerry Lewis Hates American Idol, The Biggest Loser

Jerry Lewis says American Idol is garbage and The Biggest Loser is a joke.

Comedian Jerry Lewis is no fan of modern television, calling two of the biggest hits of the decade garbage that never would have passed muster in his heyday.

Jerry Lewis

Lewis was at the Television Critics Association press tour to talk about his new Encore special The Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis, but instead spent most of his time kvetching about the state of TV today.

"The kids who are on American Idol, they're all McDonald's wipeouts," Lewis said. "They've all been dumped. They've worked there and now they're doing that. And of course they all play a guitar, which takes the place of music."

Tell that to five-time Grammy Award winning American Idol winner Carrie Underwood or Academy Award-winning contestant Jennifer Hudson.

Lewis continued his rampage with a scathing critique of another reality show, The Biggest Loser, saying the only reason it's on the air is because it's cheap to produce.

"Proctor & Gamble says, 'Are you nuts? You want me to spend $1.6 million for that variety show when I can get the fat lady to lose weight for $62,000. Let's go with that one. We'll call it reality.' And that's what they've done… Who cares?"

And don't even get him started on mobile TV. "They put all of their product on the stupid phone," he said. "You're gonna put Lawrence of Arabia on that stupid son of a [expletive]?"

It's not all doom and gloom for Lewis, though.

"I love the industry," he gushed. "I don't allow people in my family to use the term 'TV' around the house. It's television. It's a miracle. When I watch it, I want it to grab me. I want it to be like I ran home and I made sure to be there before Law & Order went on."

Don't hold your breath to see Jerry Lewis guest-hosting any reality competitions.

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Comments on "Jerry Lewis bashes American Idol & The Biggest Loser"

DougBi August 01, 2011 | 8:53 PM

Jerry Lewis is a has-been who has to get attention now by making these sweeping statements about modern television. I realize that Jerry Lewis has done a lot of good with the MDA telethons (although I've always been suspicious why a cure hasn't been found when you think of the $2.4 Billion that's been raised after all these years). I will admit, I am not much of a fan of American Idol or Biggest Loser, but I don't think it's very nice to more-or-less make fun of people who choose to be on these shows. American Idol does has some real talent on there, I'm sure, and I'm sure that "contestants" on Biggest Loser have had a life-long struggle with their weight and I say good for any show that inspires them to lose that weight in a healthy manner. Just because I might not want to watch it doesn't make me begrudge someone else who might want to watch it (and I hope the same is true in reverse!).

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