Vanessa Minnillo Vs. Jessica Simpson

Vanessa Minnillo said what we were all thinking during her wedding special on TLC: Jessica Simpson better step off and let her have her day with Nick Lachey.

Vanessa Minnillo Nick LacheyJessica Simpson announced her engagement just days after her ex-husband Nick Lachey popped the question to Vanessa Minnillo, and lots of people cried foul, calling Simpson an attention-hog -- especially since she and Eric Johnson had only been dating for six months.

Many would not have put it past Simpson to plan her wedding for the same weekend as Lachey's, and it sounds like that very thought crossed Minnillo's mind, too.

The bride addressed the awkwardness on Nick & Vanessa's Dream Wedding.

"To address the elephant in the room, yes, you know coincidentally at the same time that our wedding is going on, his ex is actually also doing the beautiful thing of getting married herself," she said. "I think she would probably pray, as much as I do, that they allow us to have our own moments."

That's a really nice way of saying "Fool better step off."

The fears proved to be unfounded. Nick and Vanessa got married without a hitch -- or an attention-hog stealing the spotlight. Jessica Simpson has yet to announce a wedding date.

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Comments on "Vanessa Minnillo calls Jessica Simpson an elephant...sort of"

Corey Groves September 20, 2013 | 9:02 PM

Vanessa Minnillo needs to do the world a really big favor and drop dead because she is nothing but a home wrecker who advised Jessica Simpson to leave Nick Lachey if she wasn't happy with his marriage to him so that she can have him all to herself. Vanessa doesn't deserve to be married to Nick because she looks so ugly just like my wife, Ashley does and she doesn't have the right to call Jessica an elephant. Jessica deserves to be married to Nick because she looks beautiful and I really miss them as a couple.

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