No Interviews
For Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony has been talking about securing a highly paid network interview recently, but the latest news it that Anthony won't be talking to anyone -- other than a professional counselor.

Casey Anthony may be receiving $500K offers from Hustler, but the recently released media circus magnet is going to be too busy for anything. TMZ reports that Anthony will seek treatment for her serious emotional issues instead of selling least for now.


According to the celebrity news outlet, Anthony will get mental health treatment for three reasons: First, "obvious mental health issues" were to blame for her "questionable behavior" (understatement, anyone?) after her daughter Caylee disappeared in 2008.

Second, the "obvious trauma of losing her child" has left Anthony in a place where she needs help. Yeah...

And finally, Anthony's experience in jail "messed with her head." TMZ notes that Casey Anthony spent three years in solitary confinement.

Not that Anthony had interviews lined up; networks laughed at her demand of $1.5 million for an interview. In fact, NBC officially stated they wouldn't pay for a Casey Anthony interview.

"NBC News has not and will not be in a bidding war for a Casey Anthony interview. No money has or will be offered, no licensing or other arrangements. If we were to conduct an interview it would be under our standards," an NBC rep said.

A few weeks ago, speculation about Anthony's whereabouts had her everywhere from California to Florida. Now the question is: Where will Casey Anthony get her mental health treatment?


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Comments on "Casey Anthony seeking treatment for obvious mental health issues"

Lynny August 15, 2011 | 9:10 PM

Casey and Bozo may think she got away with it but God will be the final judge and he says vengence is mine and you will know that I am the Lord when I lay my wrath upon you. She will pay.

ghmartin August 01, 2011 | 3:03 PM

There is no treatment for being a sociopath. She is incapable of loving anyone or anything other than herself. She does not have the ability to empathize with anyone. She does not care about her parents or her brother. She never loved her little girl. She never was capable of it. She was that poor little girl's primary caregiver. When she came up missing, she never reported her missing (her mother did). When the authorities were actively looking for her daughter, she lied to them and impeded the investigation. When the little girl is found, she is dead. DEAD. And the only thing Casey is guilty of is lying. Riiiiighttttttt! Tell me, if you were a sociopath and had gotten away with murder and managed to get rich from all of the publicity, what would you do next? Kill again, that's what.

randy August 01, 2011 | 2:12 PM

Most people who defend Casey only think of Caylee in the abstract. Anyone associated with a two-year-old girl sees how they light up a room with their happiness and curiousity. Being with a girl like Caylee is like seeing the world all over again. I'm sure she was the light of her grandparents life. Unfortunately, her mother saw her less of as a daughter and more of as a rival. Now Casey's wants to have more children because the first one 'drowned in the pool.' Sadly, there's no limit to the number of losers who would impregnate anybody. I hope this jury is proud of the Pandora's Box they opened.

Angie August 01, 2011 | 1:17 PM

haa haaaa yeah okay Casey. I agree with the above commenter. The obvious reason for this is because Casey and her "team" were hoping that the overwhelming public backlash against her would be over and they could collect on a massive payday for interviews. So by showing her getting help, they are hoping the public will be more open to her story and subsequently, that big paycheck will come in. I'm still kind of sore over the verdict, but I do accept it. But still, Casey Anthony got away with murdering her daughter. And as a Nation, collectively, the majority of us just won't stand for it. I'm proud of that. She has been acquitted and of course will pursue whatever blood money payday she can. It doesn't mean we have to tolerate it. I think we should continue to send a clear message to the networks and other interviewers that we just can't support anything that pays Casey Anthony blood money. Lastly, just a quick note to the minority of folks that defend her or her innocence. If you are interested in the case enough to defend her, go on line and do some research on the evidence of the car, her behavior, the letters, texts, jailhouse conversations- not just what was popularly reported on and I CHALLENGE you to come away from that thinking Casey is innocent.

MidnightTheCat August 01, 2011 | 10:14 AM

OMG! This monster and her master monster, BOZO, don't give up to keep her name in the news. I wish she just would go away, and according to Bond's boss, M, "bury" her head in the sand somewhere because everyone wants it on a platter. They are unable to reap the millions in blood money because she obviously has a public image problem. No problem; they'll just fix it by doing what they think public wants her to do; to be regretful, seek help; thus, rehabilitate her image so the payers of the blood money would say, "oh, look she's rehabilitated; so now, give us our blood money!" Who is not only a sociopath, a psycho, a pathological liar but also EXTREMELY NARCISSISTIC; she DOES NOT FEEL for ANYONE OTHER THAN HER OWN. This is just a ploy to remove obstacles in their way of getting their blood money millions. The public IS NOT AS DUMB as the jury who set her free. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING CASEY ANTHONY AND RELATED.

santea50 August 01, 2011 | 6:11 AM

Casey will never grieve over Caley (she does not care); jail did not mess with her head; she is the manipulator. If Casey was capable of "feeling" she would reconcile with her parents. Instead, she ruined their lives with her lies. This is another con by Casey and Jose BOZO trying anything they can to get more money for an interview. Casey and BOZO are liars and narcissists.

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