Michael Douglas Health Setback

Michael Douglas was photographed holding what appeared to be a cigarette in his mouth. After beating throat cancer months ago, could the star be risking his health again?

Michael Douglas smoking again

Michael Douglas underwent chemotherapy and radiation last year after being diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer. Months after his grueling treatments, Michael Douglas had reportedly beaten throat cancer and has been spotted recently looking much healthier.

Michael Douglas told David Letterman in an interview in August 2010 that he had a habit of smoking and drinking, both which contribute to throat cancer. He has also told the media that stress also contributed to his cancer diagnosis.

Now that he is cancer-free, Douglas may have returned to his unhealthy ways. Star Magazine snapped photos of Douglas puffing on what appears to be a cigarette. They report the 66-year-old started smoking as soon as his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, went on shore.

It could possibly be a smoke-free electronic cigarette, or Smoke Stick --- however one source says you can see smoke coming out of his mouth. Perhaps medical marijuana?

Catherine Zeta-Jones has also been spotted smoking recently, causing many to wonder about the effects of secondhand smoke on his condition. Zeta-Jones is reportedly trying to quit her smoking habit, favoring electronic cigarettes instead.


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Comments on "Is Michael Douglas smoking again after beating throat cancer?"

tom hope August 01, 2011 | 3:38 AM

Michael Douglas PLEASE stop smoking. I am 32 and quit 11 weeks ago after finding a lump in my lip. It was a harmlous cyst but it made me realise the stupidity of what I was doing to myself. Smoking is not a habit it is an ADDICTION. But the cycle can be easily broken. I grew up watching your films and don't want to see you die from this. You BEAT throat cancer. Don't let the cigarettes win.

Helen Wallen July 30, 2011 | 7:03 PM

I was reading the articles on Michael Douglas and was very surprised that he would continue to smoke after enduring the treatments and finally being cancer free. I love Michael Douglas as an actor and as a human being and hope for his sake that if he is smoking that he will realize the damage he might be causing to himself. I know that smoking can be a terrible habit. My dad smoked for a very long time and even when he got sick and was in the hospital he asked me to go out and get him a pack of cigarettes. Can you imagine my reaction to him. He finally passed away in the hospital at the age of 64. Too young to leave his family. I will say a prayer for Michael Douglas and hope that he has the strength to give up smoking and continue his wonderful career and his fine acting.

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