Marley To Hill:
See Ya!

Lauryn Hill is pregnant, but that didn't stop her longtime boyfriend from breaking up with the singer for a famous Brazilian model.

lauryn hill pregnantLauryn Hill's boyfriend has decided to break up with her while the singer is pregnant. Not only that, but the woman he's leaving Hill for is a Brazilian Victoria's Secret model. Now that's got to hurt.

Since 1996, Rohan Marley, whose father was reggae star Bob Marley, has been dating the sometimes-troubled singer and songwriter. At the time they met, Marley was still married, but that didn't stop them from hooking up. Not long after meeting, they had their first of five children together.

This year, Hill announced she was pregnant with her sixth child. After that, Marley took to Twitter to announce that he is not the father of Hill's unborn child. Those tweets were subsequently deleted, and Hill's baby daddy remains a mystery.

In the latest twist, Marley has left Hill for Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana, and the two are living together. Confirming their union, Fontana tweeted, "I'm in love with @Romarley's heart," and posted a photo of the new couple lounging together complete with a strange Photoshopped rainbow.

Fontana, 28, is best known as a Victoria's Secret model. She has been married twice and has two sons. Her first son's name is Zion. In a strange coincidence, Hill and Marley's first son is also named Zion.

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Comments on "Pregnant Lauryn Hill gets dumped for Victoria's Secret model"

Shana July 25, 2011 | 6:12 PM

@ STAN about "that's got to hurt" - Well put man! I have to agree. Absolutely well-spoken. That was like poetry.

monique July 25, 2011 | 5:36 PM

I don't understand how do you get pregnant by another man and then expect the father of your five children to remain with you? What the hell is that all about. The man is denying it's his child. He ought to know. Especially if he's stopped having with her. Which he probably did a long time ago. That relationship was over way before that pregnancy. Just let him go. You don't want a man who doesn't want you.

Kinksandcurls July 24, 2011 | 12:07 PM

Yes I totally agree with you Stan Ms Hill is one of the beautiful faces in the business but besides that the most talented Ms Hill will continue to grow as an artist as well for the part a damn good mother she needs to strengthen her soul for the journey that awaits her it will definitely be one of her challenges yet !

Stan July 24, 2011 | 2:35 AM

lol @ "that's got to hurt" you must forget no woman has ever been prettier in the history of the camera lens than Lauryn Hill in the 90's. & Victoria's Secret models look like surfboards compared to the voluptuous models in Hip Hop magazines; they aint all that. the ONLY reason Lauryn Hill aint the most successful Black supermodel in American history is bcuz she actually has a brain in her head and the singing voice of an angel. if she'd just wanted to take pictures for a living, Ms. Hill'd still have a way fresher catalog than any Victoria's secret model. just look at the pix from the Fugees & Miseducation era magazine shoots. THAT's a GORGEOUS LADY. The most beautiful woman of the century, in all reality. and no woman's ever been more articulately intelligent than Lauryn Hill; so i'm fairly sure the multitalented stunner Ms. Hill aint jealous of any one-dimensional model chick. she needn't be. there's never been a superior all-around woman than the singing/rapping/acting/songwriting/superwoman mother of 6 who can leave pop music for over a decade and NOBODY take her spot. in fact, Hip Hop's collapsed in her absence! Lauryn Hill is awaited by the music industry the way Jesus Christ is awaited by Christianity

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