Farrah Vs. Demi Lovato

Farrah Abraham doesn't understand why Demi Lovato has a music career and she doesn't.

It looks like someone's fame is going to her head. Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham -- best known for the knife fight with her mom and breast implants -- took to Twitter Friday morning to express her disdain for Demi Lovato's success.

Farrah Abraham talks about Demi Lovato

"In the v.o booth... i feel if demi Lavato [sic] can sing... why can't I... I've been through way more then just vomiting [sic] after every meal," Abraham wrote.

Little Sophia's mom was referring to Lovato's problems with bulimia. The issues led Lovato to rehab in late 2010 and inspired her new hit single and video, Skyscraper.

"It's apparent people have a hard time admitting to facts. I have nothing against Demi, im happy she is well. Get Real People," Abraham added when people called her out for her comments, though we're not really sure what 'facts' she's referring to.

Then, she added her own help for those suffering from eating disorders.

"Only because i care. If you have a eating disorder go to edpa.org. love, Farrah and I wish you the best on your health," she added.


Abraham seems to be suffering from an illness common among reality stars: Too much ego, too little talent. You see this affliction in many MTV celebrities, including The Situation, Snooki and fellow Teen Mom Amber Portwood.

Just a note, Farrah: You aren't famous for anything other than being a teenage mother. Also, Lovato fans can get vicious, FYI.

Image: MTV

Do you think Teen Mom's Farrah was out of line for her comments?


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Comments on "Teen Mom's Farrah gets mouthy about Demi Lovato"

BROOKE July 23, 2011 | 4:21 PM

She's ridiculous. Demi didn't open her legs to Low Self-Esteem and get pregnant with an eating disorder. Psh, some "STRUGGLES" Farrah has been through. Oh well. She never really seemed intelligent to me in the first place, anyways.

me July 23, 2011 | 11:13 AM

Um, what has she been through? It's her own fault she became a mother as a teenager, and it's her own fault she doesn't get along with her mother. And how on earth would that make her a musician anyway?

Replyto OPINIONATED MOM July 16, 2011 | 1:53 PM

You know what??? Being a SINGLE YOUNG MOM DOES NOT excuse dumbass opinionated remarks against a young girl who fought to seek help when she needed it. Sure we ALL make mistakes but your girl Farrah made the consious decision to air ALL hers on national T.V. Trying to compare them to another or pointing out who deserves what is stupid, unintelligent,immature and lacking in compassion. Keep your ignorant opinions to yourself Farrah. Take care of only yourself and your child and stop your INCESSANT WHINING!!!

Opinionated Woman July 16, 2011 | 11:47 AM

WOW, chill out, people! She is still a young woman and was being honest with her frustration. We have all had thoughts like this when the going gets tough. She is a single mom, have a heart! Geez! You guys sound more viscious than she did!

ashia July 16, 2011 | 11:18 AM

Really Farrah ? Demi is famous because she does have talent and has worked hard to get to where she is in her career. You on the other hand are famous or infamous as the case may be because you were an idiot and had unprotected . Not quite the same thing. Grow up and start acting like an adult, not a spoiled child.

jquidachay July 16, 2011 | 10:22 AM

I've seen Teen Mom from the start...Farrah before you open your mouth again. Think you really need a dose of reality. Let me give you two reasons why you should just not come back. The episode where your daughter puked on you and you left her on the edge of the stairs on the floor to go clean up her mess that was all over you and the floor? The second was you giving your daughter a bath in the kitchen sink...while you were on the phone talking to whom ever. Your daughter was playing with the facuet! Where she in turn, turned on the hot water where she burned herself. Thus is why she screamed and you were all like what happened?! You neglect your child and the show has proven so many times why you should be the reason why NOT to get pregnant as a Teenager. With Amber and social services. I am really disappointed that social services wheren't called on you. So do us all a favor....keep your opinions to yourself. Look at yourself that you really are self centered. Matter of fact...just don't say anything and go get some parenting classes. You need it the most!!! Demi is doing what she needs to do and that is seeking help. Wished you got a clue Farrah. Oh..wait... You don't!!!!

frecklesme July 16, 2011 | 9:38 AM

Really Farrah? Not again. I thought that this year you finally got rid of your entitled princess complex but apparently not. The only thing you are "famous" for is being a teen mom and getting on MTV because of it. Yes, you are working hard to make a better life for Sophia, but that is what parents are suppose to do. You aren't anything special, so don't expect special treatment.

S. July 16, 2011 | 9:24 AM

Farrah isn't "famous" & never claimed to be. She's a popular w/in the world of mtv viewers but if you don't watch the show, you wouldn't recognize her. Every person is entitled to their opinion so I don't understand the issue with her giving hers. & roberta,you're dumb. Farrah lost her child's father. That's a permanent struggle. that would be the "more" she is referring to. And if you truly believe you know her entire life by seeing a teen mom commercial you're crazy.

CoraNecole July 16, 2011 | 8:47 AM

Wow!!! this chick feels like she is entitled. The way she talks to her parents. Now she has set her sights on Demi L. I can't wait for little Sophia to get older and give her ten times more hell than she gave her parents. Payback is a b***h.

Roberta July 16, 2011 | 6:45 AM

I think all these reality show people should crawl back under their rocks. They are disgusting. What has Farrah been "through". Absolutely, NOTHING, that thousands of others have gone through sad to say. She got knocked up, that takes talent.

ozi July 16, 2011 | 6:14 AM

You know the old saying...people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.....I've watched Farrah on teen mom.....she quite a handful. Getting pregnant as a teenager is nothing to be proud of....I think mom tried to straighten her out...but it didn't worki!!!

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