Is Queen Latifah Coming Out?

Queen Latifah compares homosexuality to fashion. What is she referring to?

Is Queen Latifah taking baby steps out of the closet? The actress, singer and clothing designer talked about being an accidental lesbian on television.

Queen Latifah: Gay is the new black

"It turns out being gay is fabulous. My Twitter is all atwitter. I have six new Facebook fan pages. And for every sponsor that's fallen out, I've gotten two more. Who knew? Being gay is the new black," she said.

Okay, Queen Latifah really didn't say that -- but her character in VH1's Single Ladies did. The rapper -- and executive producer of the show -- plays television reporter Sharon Love on an episode of the show. The shenanigans start when Love accidently reveals that she had a lesbian encounter with Stacey Dash's character Val in college.

Love later reveals that her accidental outing wasn't as bad for her career as she thought. Is Latifah taking cues from her own life? Not really -- she's widely believed to be in a relationship with her trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, though she won't talk about it.

"My private life is my private life. Whomever I might be with, I don't feel the need to share it. I don't think I ever will," Latifah told Essence magazine. "Everybody else can do the reading; I'll do the living."

We don't blame you, Latifah.

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Do you think Queen Latifah's character is a representation of her life, or just a character?

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Sage July 15, 2011 | 5:58 PM

While I don't speak for anyone but myself,as a Black person this comment " is the new Black" is an insult to Blacks.There were many slave owners and supporters of Jom Crow that were racist against Blacks and I resent a sinful lifestyle being compared to one who is Black even if such ignorance comes from another Black person. There are also many racist s that hate Blacks to this day!

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