Leann And Eddie
Love Eating

Newlyweds Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes hit the town Saturday night for a Mexican feast with friends at Hollywood hotspot Red O. And surprise, surprise, LeAnn wasn't finicky with her food.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie CibrianDon't believe everything you read. Despite reports that the super skinny Mrs. Eddie Cibrian has an eating disorder, SheKnows can confirm the starlet has quite the healthy appetite!

LeAnn Rimes and Cibrian were spotted dining at Red O Restaurant in Hollywood Saturday night and the starlet chowed down on a variety of dishes.

"She had her own huge bowl of noodles that she practically finished off, and was sharing other dishes with her friends," an eyewitness tells SheKnows.

LeAnn also took a cue from her man and grabbed a piping hot tortilla to add to her meal.

"Eddie was slapping a tortilla back and forth between his hands to cool it down, and LeAnn grabbed one and did the same," says our eyewitness. "It was quite the sight!"

Though the couple was clearly together inside, holding hands and canoodling at their table, they left the restaurant separately and in different cars.

What, has the couple become paparazzi shy? That would be a first!


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Comments on "Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes' Red O dinner date"

Olix August 11, 2012 | 7:46 PM

Just when you think that these two can't stoop any lower EC and LR get slammed for senttig up and staging photo-ops with those kids, especially since the oldest boy has been running off and hiding(which is why they are holding him and holding his hands in these recent fair photos), and their response is to release even more staged photo-ops with those kids to show that these kids like being exploited (ie-they are smiling and playing around with their bonus mom in a parking lot)?And you know that this was staged because LR went out of her way to look Y(which is why she is wearing a shirt like that with no bra), cut the kids hair, and then tweet her confirmation of where and when the paps could find her and EC with those kids. These two need supervised visits. It's sad to see that they care so little for those kids to keep using them like this.If LR is wearing this in front of the kids in public, then you can image what she isn't wearing around those kids when the cameras are not there. What is even more disturbing is that LR acts like BG stops being those kids mother when they are with her and EC. In her interviews she states that she is helping EC raise HIS kids, and she says it as if BG doesn't even exist or as if she stops existing when the kids are with LR and EC. No Leann, you are helping BG AND EC raise THEIR kids. I second that, how can any court system/CPS think that EC and LR behavior as documented in these WEEKLY staged photo-ops is child focused? This photo-op was set up strictly for EC and LR personal gain, seeing as how just days after it, LR releases news about her CMT movie and Give video.

what? July 13, 2011 | 10:59 AM

How does tweeting a list of food and then staging a photo of herself out to some restaurant with her husband and her husbands "friends", prove that LR doesn't have an eating disorder?

judi July 12, 2011 | 5:54 PM

did you ever hear of gorge and barf? sure she is friends with Mr toilet bowl.

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