Barbara Calls
Out Bristol

Bristol Palin and The View's Barbara Walters are 61 years apart in age, yet the television veteran had no qualms about digging into the youngin's sex life and asking a question we've all been thinking.

Thanks to Bristol Palin's book tour, the young abstinence speaker found herself face-to-face with a veteran of the television industry who wasn't afraid to point out a few holes in her 'stolen' virginity story.

Barbara Walters and Bristol Palin

It all went down on The View Thursday when Bristol stopped by to talk about Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, and Barbara asked a question we've all been thinking -- if Bristol Palin was so full of regret over the drunken night Levi Johnston "stole" her virginity on a camping trip, why'd she keep having sex with him?

Barbara Walters posed the question to the 20-year-old saying, "You talk about the night you lost your virginity, you say that you were on a camping trip with friends and you drank too much, and that Levi stole your virginity... It must have been okay, because you kept on having sex with him, yeah?"

While the audience giggled over Barbara's straight to the point question, Bristol fumbled, "Well, I wasn't 17." To which Barbara replied, "I'm just telling you what your book said."

"We did it that one night and I just figured it's okay to do it again because I'd already broken my moral code," Bristol Palin responded. Lucky for her, Barbara Walters left her flimsy logic and tendency to blame Levi Johnston for her regretted decisions at that.

Does it seem to you that Bristol Palin's 'stolen' virginity and then continued sex life doesn't add up?


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Comments on "Bristol Palin given sex inquisition by Barbara Walters"

MaryLou July 09, 2011 | 6:30 AM

Sarah Palin can put all the money she has into merchandising herself, offering a million dollars to any Hollywood producer who will ignore facts and produce a movie based entirely on her book, doing all the talk shows, getting her name trademarked, getting her unwed, media daughter jobs, talking about guns and Christianity and putting targets on those whose politics differs from hers--but she is not electable. She could be the smartest lady in the world (which Bristol wants you to believe) but she lacks self control and is too self centered. America doesn't need to elect a ticking time bomb who doesn't take elected office seriously and will quit if there is too much pressure and not enough glamour. It doesn't admire a family whose is so dysfunctional that nobody has a real job and they are all trying to cash in on the Sarah Palin gravy train. The Palins value celebrity status and will forever be remembered for their pure greed. They are short on accomplishments and low on dignity or class. The Palins put trailer trash to shame--many fine people live in trailers and the Palins haven't, but it is hard to find a word for someone who will sell their own privacy because they are such fame s. Today we are focussing on the Ford family. They understood dignity and class. Betty didn't write a book about what a jerk her first husband was or how she lost her virginity. She didn't contact the talk shows and tabloids to sell pictures of her family and criticize the spouses of her children. She used her publicity to benefit the causes she believed in, not to attack those she disagreed with. The Fords did not have fights in public, leaving one of them in tears or tossing cans and denting stainless steel refrigerators. They did not constantly blame the media or others for their problems. They were not divisive or polarizing figures like the Palins. At this time of mourning, it would be beneficial for the Palins to reflect on why someone like Betty Ford receives the respect of most Americans and why someone like Sarah Palin does not. Only 39% of the voters in the most recent poll in Alaska would even consider voting for Palin; 49% of those polled would never consider it. America can laugh at the stupid things the Palins do and say and see Palin as the cheer leader or great fund raiser, but she simply doesn't have the dignity or gracious qualities that we expect from our leaders. Pit bulls are found abundantly at the local pound but are not suited for the White House.

Sean July 08, 2011 | 9:04 AM

This one time a guy stole my wallet. Next day I tracked him down and give him some more money. Makes perfect sense.

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