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Amber Portwood is back home after her suicide attempt. How is boyfriend Gary Shirley trying to help her recover?

Amber Portwood is out of the hospital after her suicide attempt

Troubled MTV reality star Amber Portwood is out of an Indiana hospital just days after she attempted to kill herself. The Teen Mom star was released from St. John's Hospital in Anderson, Indiana after authorities allegedly found her with a string around her neck. She also reportedly took a cocktail of pills after a tense conversation with estranged boyfriend Gary Shirley.

Shirley was the person who called 911 after Portwood made comments about taking her own life. Now, he's asking fans to send her get well soon messages via a new email address he opened for the reality star.

"The amount of positive support and energy has been overwhelming. An email account has been set up for those who would like to send well wishes to Amber herself. Your support is too special to pass up," Shirley tweeted Friday along with the email address

"All emails will be screened and any positive message will be printed and given to Amber."

We applaud the nice gesture, though it seems a little strange for someone who reportedly threw a backyard BBQ while his girlfriend was in the hospital.

"Please continue to send in your support msgs for Amber," he tweeted again Friday afternoon.

We just hope that's not all they're planning to do to help Portwood recover from her illness.

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Comments on "Gary Shirley: Email Amber Portwood, please!"

lily July 17, 2011 | 12:04 PM

You need to be strong for your daughter, but you also need to realize that just because you have a child with Gary doesn't mean yall have to be together. You can still be good parents and not be together. Your job as a parent is to show your daughter how a relationship is supposed to be and that doesn't mean arguing ALL the time.

amber June 18, 2011 | 6:51 PM

Amber, I am so glad you are okay. You are an inspiration to young girls everywhere, because you are so strong about everything you have gone through with baby Leah. You show girls that being a teen mom is possible, which is what a lot of us need to here. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

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