Katy Perry Family Disapproval

Katy Perry kissed a girl and her mom didn't like it. The pop star's uber-religious parents say their daughter is going to hell for her devilish ways!

Katy Perry

Think your childhood was rough? Katy Perry was only allowed to read one book: The Bible. She could only listen to gospel music and wasn't allowed to watch any television. Her super-religious parents kept her on a very short leash -- so you can imagine how unamused they are by her new heathen lifestyle.

In fact, Katy Perry's parents say she is going to hell!

"When my daughter came out and sang that song, 'I kissed a girl, and I liked it,' I said, 'My ministry is over,'" says Perry's father Keith Hudson, a world-traveling minister.

"We get people all the time saying, 'How? How, that you're a minister all these years and you raised Katy in the church, how could she come out with a song like that?' I look at them and I say, 'I don't know,'" he told the NY Post.

"We must pray for our family. We all have our crosses to bear. If you have a son or a daughter that is not serving God, just stand up right now," Keith Hudson said. "Don't be embarrassed. Don't be ashamed. Listen, we love them. I love Katy. I want everybody to go to heaven, but I want my family most of all. What would heaven be without them? It won't be the same."

Check out Katy Perry's new video for Last Friday Night!

A tearful Mary Hudson said, "We cannot cut her out of our lives as she is our child. But she knows we disagree strongly with what she is doing and the message she is promoting regarding homosexuality, which the Bible clearly states is a sin."

Imagine what they think of the movies of their son-in-law Russell Brand?

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Comments on "Katy Perry's parents say she's going to hell"

777Follower June 17, 2013 | 7:58 AM

Katy's parents actually did the wrong things. God gave all of us free will because He loves us. Her parents just took it away. Just Bible? Just gospel music? No no... God wants us to be IN the world but not WITH the world. I am sure Katy would have been a great testimonies if her parents just hadn't put too much pressure on her. Besides, they should know that what Katy needs the most is LOVE, not just FAITH. Jesus also told us that LOVE is the most important thing. How could they put that aside??? My parents are also pious Christians but they NEVER force me to read the Bible only. I question my faith ALL THE TIME and they always give the the best answers. Somehow... I think Katy parents have to be responsible for Katy's rebellion. Well, I am not here to judge, but, how do they know Katy is going to Hell? They are not God. The judgement is IN God's hand and as a pastor, Katy's dad should know that very clearly. Katy was also made in the image of God. How could they curse their own daughter to Hell???????? The more I look at Katy, the more I feel sorry for her. She was a nice Christian singer. The only thing she gotta to now is to seek God's LOVE.

rainshadow July 05, 2012 | 3:12 AM

Yes, if Katy does not repent and turn completely from her sin the world will see her eventual fall from the graces of this plastic world into a final damnation. She knows clearly what she is doing and what she has done. She has brought glory to herself alone by going against God. Yes, all unrepentent homouals are going to hell. Yes, anyone who knows the word of God and promotes something that is contrary will have worse damnation. God has called His believers to be vessels through which He operates. Katy and many celebs alike such as Beyonce' and Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez,etc. all bring the glory upon themselves not God. They all want to be worshipped by the world and glorified. The problem with that, is that God doesn't share His glory and those who insist on having the glory upon themselves have been throughly warned that the consequences will weigh heavy one day. They all know the truth of the bible yet they pretend the word of God isn't implicable. They can sit there all day until they turn blue in the face to play these harmless innocent goody goody roles. But talk is cheap and actions have always spoken louder than words. Katy you need to repent, give up the fame, etc. bc your time is running out.

larz0 November 02, 2011 | 8:32 AM

Why the blatantly wrong headline? Why put words in their mouths?

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