Emmy Nominees Revealed July 14!

Mark your calendars. Joshua Jackson and Melissa McCarthy are gearing up to announce the lucky Emmy nominees on July 14.

Melissa McCarthy

Grab yourself a cup of joe and join Joshua Jackson and Melissa McCarthy in the early morning hours for some Emmy nomination announcements.

Fringe's Joshua Jackson and Mike & Molly's Melissa McCarthy will announce the nominations for the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on July 14. The popular TV stars will be accompanied by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman John Shaffner in the wee hours of the morning to reveal the nominees.

Okay, we know what you're thinking -- it's like a WB reunion between Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls! We can only hope there are some witty Pacey and Sookie jokes thrown around during the announcements.

Melissa McCarthy is having one heck of a year, with her standout role in Bridesmaids taking her funny to a whole other level. She's not a lock to hear her own name being read, but she is a strong contender based on the success of Mike & Molly. It will just depend on how the votes swing compared to the standard veterans considered for nominations.

Wouldn't it be lovely to hear Melissa McCarthy's name, though?

The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmys will be hosted by Jane Lynch on Sunday, September 18 on Fox. Who are you rooting for to get nominated? Tell us some of your favorite shows and stars you'd like to see up for an Emmy!


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Comments on "Joshua Jackson and Melissa McCarthy set to reveal Emmy nominees"

Nice Website upgrade - link to TMZ and W/B June 16, 2011 | 12:14 PM

sorry for my typos, I need practice and spell check, feel free to correct my spelling....pleazzzzzzzze.

The Gold Standard of EMMY shows was set last year with JIMMY FALLON June 16, 2011 | 12:10 PM

When Jimmy Fallon hosted last year, it was the BEST award show in the history of award shows.. The Bruce Springstein introduction he had with Tina Fey, Jon Hamm and Betty White and so many others dancing to Springstein....well now the bar is set so high..............it needs a great mind to compete with that............you need Tina and Jimmy to write for the Emmys again and get Billy Cystal and Steve Martin and Rob Weiner,,,,and Lorne Michaels........and a rocker like Chris Martin to be with Paltrow on stage............make that happen and yo have magic, get Shania to sing and the Judds,,,,,,,,,,,bring on Jimmy Buffet,,,,Emmys dont be boring.............give America something to watch.....no one did it better than dancing to Born to Run.......Get Oprah our of retirement and have her in with le..........Really, the BAR is set so high due to last years EMMYS.........talent is hard to find unless you are willing to go for it.......

Lets have tea , it would be lovely June 16, 2011 | 11:56 AM

Wouldn't it be lovely to hear Melissa McCarthy's name, though? Who writes.........lovely.............omg....lovely, ok for Warners Brothers, lovely for CBS, lovely for Mark and Charlie, lovelyk for their ratings maybe.....lovely for her bookcase if she is nominated and then wins..........lovely who says that...........I'd say are you .........but Hey, I'm not getting in trouble like Tracy.....oh God, lovely, who writes like that, you must be British, lets have tea...............

Molly is a great Bridesmaid June 16, 2011 | 11:53 AM

thats one way for Molly to get exposure just in case she isnt going to get a nom for anything...shen needs to get on TBBT and go shopping with Penny in Beverly Hills and then go play golf at the country club and meet up with Hugh to discuss a reality show of their life, bring Berta in for the Emmys, we need to see more of her.....at the EMMYS..

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