Suri's Mission
Tree House

Suri Cruise has a tree house fit for a princess -- and it cost $100,000. But will she wear her high heels in it?

suri cruiseSuri Cruise really is the celebrity kid who has everything because dad, Tom Cruise, and mom, Katie Holmes, bought little Suri a tree house with a whopper of a price tag.

You may have had a tree house your father put together with some boards and nails, but that won't suffice for this famous offspring. Cruise and Holmes picked up a McMansion tree house for Suri to play in amidst the tree tops. The cost? $100,000.

So what do you get for $100,000 when you're buying a tree house? Suri's tree castle has running water, shag carpeting and electricity.

By the sound of it, Suri is enjoying her fancy new digs. Tom and Katie even let her design it. A source says the place is also outfitted with security cameras and that nannies are there to attend to Suri's needs.

"It may sound funny, but Suri now has her dream home," the source says. "She hosts tea parties there on fine china and watches TV with friends."

Suri is already known for her fancy wardrobe. She's been spotted in high heels everywhere she goes with her jet-setting parents -- even the beach.

Reportedly, her shoe collection alone is worth $150,000 and includes footwear designed by Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin.

Is this five-year-old overindulged?


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Comments on "Suri Cruise is hanging out in a $100,000 tree house"

Patty June 29, 2011 | 9:12 PM

Come On! What is wrong with these people? And what about the other kids he adopted. Never hear anything about them.

maxinpains June 18, 2011 | 6:40 PM

To Sue ROTTENMAN Can you describe your kids? LOL

Maxinpains June 18, 2011 | 6:32 PM

To Sue Rottman Just take a look at ya'll kids & tell us what you think of it.

sue rottman June 17, 2011 | 9:07 AM

this poor child she always looks dirty and a mess. she will be in therapy for the rest of her life. let her be a child not a mini adult. i live in the city katie grew up in she should know better.

rdavis June 17, 2011 | 8:54 AM

She is no more spoiled then other kid in american. We all want our kids to have the best however we're just making it hard hard them. After all the way we spoil our kids what do they really have to look forward to

Kathy June 17, 2011 | 8:53 AM

I have no idea what the kid is like, and won't comment on a small child. The parents, on the other hand....It's ridiculous. Yes, they can spend their money as they please, but to the rest of the world, they appear as self-absorbed elitists. They would do better to promote their charitable works...if that even applies.

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