SVU Costars Say Goodbye

It's the end of an era: Mariska Hargitay is saying goodbye to longtime Law & Order: SVU costar Christopher Meloni.

Mariska Hargitay Christopher MeloniChristopher Meloni will not return to Law & Order: SVU for a thirteenth season he recently announced, breaking the hearts of many fans -- including his costar Mariska Hargitay.

In a statement released late Friday, Hargitay expressed her sadness over Meloni's departure.

"For the past 12 years Chris Meloni has been my partner and friend, both on screen and off," she said. "He inspired me every day with his integrity, his extraordinary talent and his commitment to the truth. I love him deeply and will miss him terribly -- I'm so excited to see what he'll do next."

There are changes afoot for the actress as well: Hargitay will scale back her role on SVU next season to spend more time with her family. The pair have played police partners Detective Benson and Detective Stabler since the series began in 1999.

What's next for Chris Meloni? Look for him to play a raunchy producer in National Lampoon's Dirty Movie.

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Comments on "Mariska Hargitay says goodbye to Christopher Meloni"

Michelle June 04, 2011 | 8:22 PM

I am so upset Chris is leaving the show. Its nothing without him and mariska. I love them both. After she leaves i wont be watching the show anymore.

Chris/mariskafan June 04, 2011 | 6:38 PM

Goodbye SVU for me too. They can't be replaced. Love them both and will not watch with them gone. The only Law and Order I watched. It will not survive without them. It will bite the dust!!!

Anon June 01, 2011 | 9:09 AM

Really. SVU without beauty, charm, charisma, this pair of detectives never, ever be the same. After the final departure of Mariska I no longer see the series.

Lisa May 31, 2011 | 7:01 PM

No one can ever replace Christopher Meloni on SVU, and SVU will never be the same without both him and Mariska Hargitay onscreen. They worked together for 14-hour days, over 12 years, and their closeness is legendary. Although they've surely made many friends on the SVU set, I'm guessing that it will be a very sad place for Mariska now, when she reports back to shoot her episodes of Season 13. This is farewell to SVU for me. It's never the same, without both of them there.

MeloniFan May 31, 2011 | 5:27 PM

Dirty Movie has already been released. It was on PPV awhile back.

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