First Tour In
11 Years

Adam Ant tumbled off the stage last night in London during the second stop on his comeback tour. Find out what happened!

Adam Ant, the 80s pop star whose real name is Stuart Goddard, fell off the stage during his performance in London. This is Adam Ant's first tour in 11 years -- he and his band are making an 11-date UK tour.

Adam Ant

Ant fell directly off the front of the stage into the photographer's pit. His security immediately helped him, and after a brief moment of recovery, he continued.

He announced that he'd cut himself and broken a fingernail, but he was okay. Ant also said he fell because of his eyesight. He then continued on with the concert, where 2,500 audience members were surely glad he was okay.

Reviews of Adam Ant's concert tour have been positive so far, so hopefully this little fall won't dampen his spirits. He went through many years of legal troubles and personal problems and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

We're glad he wasn't injured badly as well. Falling can be so embarrassing as an adult -- and dangerous. We wish Adam Ant the best with the rest of his tour.


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Comments on "Adam Ant makes a comeback, takes a fall"

Louise May 27, 2011 | 5:11 PM

Adam's eyesight has been dodgy most of his adult life. Woops..hope he didn't overdo the lager (or whatever his tipple is). Saw him on Monday night in Glasgow and he stormed it. A lot of love and affection in the room, and a lot of satisfied fans. The set was flawless. The backing singers are there more for decoration than actual singing abilities (their volume is turned right down)..though Adam can sing perfectly well on his own. Let's hope his new album surprises a lot of people.

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