Taio Cruz
Performs Positive

Taio Cruz performed a song on tonight’s American Idol called Positive -- and it was written by fans!

Taoi Cruz

Taio Cruz performed a new song on Tuesday's American Idol that was written by fans of the show. Fans submitted their own lyrics online and American Idol picked the best ones and put the lyrics up for a vote.

Taio Cruz put those lyrics that had the most votes into his new song. Pretty cool, huh?

"It's been really great. We've had some great submissions," he said.

The British singer, who is famous for his song Dynamite, performed the song with flashing green lights and robot-like dancers playing the drums behind him. He did seem to have some technical difficulties at one point, losing sound on the microphone -- but he kept going and it was only a minor glitch.

Who does Cruz think will win American Idol? He's keeping with the theme of his song -- and staying positive. "I think it's anyone's game. I don't wanna jinx anyone," he says. "I think everyone's very deserving of being the winner so I'm gonna keep it like that."

American Idol is giving away 10,000 free downloads of Taio Cruz's new song Positive. Go to AmericanIdol.com for more details.

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Comments on "Taio Cruz's American Idol song was written by fans!"

ocean99 is lame May 25, 2011 | 8:26 AM

Uhhhh... My brother was one of those drummers and I'll tell you for a fact they were drumming. Those guys are world class drummers that have been all over Europe and Japan and the US and they've been in many movies and tv shows- they were the drummers drumming in the Office for the Christmas episode last year. When's the last time you were creative besides trying to tear down someone else's creativity. Go hate somewhere else and don't talk about something you don't know about. You really had nothing better to do at 2:04AM but spout some ignorant hatred? Let's hear your song and then we can judge who's better....

FullOn May 25, 2011 | 7:11 AM

Auto-tune + fan generated lyrics = 1 God-awful performance. I realize I am not the demographic, but, wow!

ocean99 May 25, 2011 | 2:04 AM

OMG, he is SO very much talentless! What a FAKE this guy is. He didn't even sing during the show. He put his microphone down at some point and his voice kept on going, lol. The drummers were not drumming either. What's worse is he expects his fans to write his lyrics. What kind of garbage are they feeding us these days?

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