Coin Toss Reveals Finale Order!

We've been so wrapped up in the American Idol finale news, we almost forgot one small detail -- the singing order. The coin has been flipped and it turns out Scotty McCreery is quite the gentleman, giving Lauren Alaina the opportunity to choose the order -- she'll go last.

American Idol

One small coin toss can mean so much to the American Idol finale. It determines the order in which Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina will sing in next Tuesday's finale -- a position that can make or break the winner.

Scotty McCreery had the power to choose in his hot little hands, but he handed it over to Lauren Alaina. She chose to sing second, which is a popular choice -- you have the shot to leave the audience remembering your performance.

Scotty McCreery told USA Today, "It's been a wild ride for me and her both and for everybody on this show."

McCreery added, "We're both glad to be here and humbled to be still in the running and humbled that America keeps us around. It's two youngsters in it this year. It's a minor country finale."

Here's the kicker -- this finale almost didn't happen. Had American Idol not lowered its rules regarding the age range for contestants, these two wouldn't even be here.

"It's like things just fell into place one by one and now there's two young'uns in the top two," Lauren Alaina said.

She added, "It's just like unbelievable."

What are your thoughts on the American Idol finale? Do you think Lauren Alaina is in the prime spot to take the title?


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Comments on "Lauren Alaina to sing last at American Idol finale"

anniefaith May 25, 2011 | 8:25 PM

I think they are dating! If you saw the finale, it looked like they kissed, and not just aqn on the cheek brother/sister kiss, it looked like a full on kiss on the lips! Scotty made a comment about them being together since day one, and that they will stay together. I'm not sure if he meant together as friends and that they have formed a bond or is he meant something more, like dating. Lauren kissed him several times after he finished singing (she practically attacked his face! lol) and he said "I love you baby" to her. Does this mean he loves her like a brother/sister friendly love? Or are they dating? I hope they are dating! They would be the absolute most adorable couple ever!! Hahaha =) and congratulations to both Lauren and Scotty! I love them!!!

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