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The CW has decided to send Hellcats straight to... well, you get the point. Do you think they made the right decision by cancelling the cheerleader dramedy?

Some say the CW was in a giving mood -- as they decided to keep Nikita and One Tree Hill. Others, however, may disagree, as they decided to ax Hellcats after just one season, leaving fans with little to cheer about.


The cheerleader comedy drama apparently lacked the school spirit needed to keep it on the air, as it averaged less than two million viewers per episode.

Created by Desperate Housewives writer Kevin Murphy, the show starred Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka.

Smallville star Tom Welling served as executive producer on the show.

"There's such an energy from the cast and from [series creator] Kevin Murphy," Welling said. "When I go [on set], I just feel so proud."

In fact, before he learned of his show's fate, Welling said that renewing Hellcats would be "the best idea in the world."

"They don't necessarily tell you before they pick you up, but as of right now, everything is looking as if it's going to go another season, which is great," Welling told Zap2it. "That show, to me, is so special."

Tell us: Are you sad to see Hellcats go?

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Comments on "Hellcats cancelled -- will you miss it?"

glam69 August 04, 2013 | 12:30 PM

i for one was both sad and happy about its cancellation. accordingly,2nd season would have another round of savannah/marty/dan triangle which is already an? OVERUSED plot!how many times do they have to go on&on about it&hurting savannah more?its so unfair for her.while marty's been almost kissing&sleeping w/the men(dan,lewis,julien,classmate­) of the show savannahs world revolves only on dan!& they are going to exploit that again in season2? AXE AWAY CW! they should have focused more on dan and savannah on season 2, on how dan can get her to bed!(smells like a rating boost) and how dan gets jealous over guys hitting on her. in all eps even though they are together nothing about that shows in him as a boyfriend. its always her that goes out of her way for him. so unfair...

Brooke July 22, 2013 | 8:30 PM

Well I'm so mad they took it off the couldove took off one tree hill or anything else besides hellcats it was really getting good I wanted to see what Marti was gonna do when she riden her bike to somewhere they should not tease us like that they need to make more seasons and put it back on now!! Lol but still that's my favorite show so they need to put it back on and why did they delete it any ways there's enough room on cw and I will be celebrating if they did savanah and Dan were such a cute couple and I want to see what happens with Marti and deidre and then what will happen with Rex ;they need to put the show back on) I hope they do put it back on so I can watch it and then I hope cw never takes it off agian they can take anything else off

Niamh June 23, 2011 | 1:13 PM

I loved Hellcats. I'm watching it in the UK so I'm way behind, but I was really enjoying it!!

Heather May 29, 2011 | 4:51 PM

Hellcats deserves another season. My daughter and I really enjoyed watching the show every week. This show needs time to find its audience. The storylines are great. The cast is aawesome and who wouldn't want to see another great episode directed by Debbie Allen???

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