Whitney Houston & Daughter In Rehab

Whitney Houston has checked into rehab, and it turns out daughter Bobbi Kristina is in rehab, too. Now Whitney and Bobby Brown are blaming each other for their daughter's problems.

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

On Monday, Whitney Houston's camp announced the troubled singer had checked herself into an outpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol problems. Today it was revealed that Houston's daughter with Bobby Brown, who has struggled with his share of substance abuse problems, has checked herself into an outpatient rehab program, too.

In March, photos of Bobbi Kristina, 18, allegedly snorting cocaine appeared in the National Enquirer. The May 23rd issue of the magazine, Celebitchy reports, reveals Bobbi Kristina, who goes by Krissi, was forced to enter rehab by her mother.

"If I go to rehab, you're going, too!" Houston is reported to have told her daughter. "But Krissi... shrieked back that she wasn't going alone!" The battle continued with Houston declaring, "You're ruining the family name! Whether you like it or not -- you're going to rehab!"

Krissi retorted, "What about you? You're the one who's destroying us! You're the one who's a mess!" She continued, "If you can do drugs and booze, so can I! Now you're demanding I go to rehab. If I go, you're going too!"

As of today, both women are reportedly in two rehab facilities in Malibu, California that are 15 miles from one another, and they are allowed to go home at night.

It's too soon to say what will happen, but hopefully mother and daughter will share sobriety in common down the line.


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Comments on "Whitney Houston to daughter: 'If I go to rehab, you're going, too!'"

Veda Scott September 24, 2011 | 5:49 AM

It's sad to see Whitney Houston and her daughter going though this thing call drug. Drugs will be here forever you have to have the will power to stop it Not take it.God help both of them...)

esther sackor August 01, 2011 | 4:11 PM

Whitney,I can never stop loveing u ur music is all i play in my house everyone go through problems in life and we all deal with our problems differely im praying for u don't give up hope

Margaret stancil June 19, 2011 | 1:15 PM

I admire whitney houston I am a big fan ppl go through things in life why we dnt knw I wnt judge whitney I love her she is just in a sisuation that she needs 2 controll she is human its only cause she has money if she was a regular woman she wouldnt b in the spot light whitney keep ur head up and ur daughter 2 its not easy but iam a fan iam praying 4 the both of u ur music has enspired me alot just remember I look 2 u and u dnt knw ur own strength look inside u will find love u get better

Rhuu May 15, 2011 | 2:45 PM

It take a lot of courage to do what Whitney is doing.Bobbi grow up and stand 4 ur self.

angela lewis May 15, 2011 | 1:06 PM

hello,to everyone,I admire Whitney,it takes alot of courage to do what she is doing,as for Bobbi,she needs totake charge of her life,and the time is now,but i believe they can make it if they try.so please donot throw away the life you all have,drugs is the devil and the no. 1 killer so my advice to you all,this is the beginning,and the will be a future and the light at the end of the tunnel,so keep praying,and go take one step at a time.love you all.

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