Whitney Welcomed Back By Prince

Prince has reversed his decision to ban an erratic Whitney Houston from his shows after her bizarre behavior left his people cold.

Whitney Houston

Last week wasn't the greatest that Prince's greatest fan has ever seen. First, Whitney Houston headed to rehab after what was surely a spectacular relapse, then Prince banned the singer from his concerts because of her erratic, bizarre behavior.

Sources say Whitney badgered Prince's people for free tickets, then during the concert hounded them until she was allowed up on stage, where she shakily sang a few lines of a song before Prince firmly escorted her off -- and had to prompt the crowd to clap for her.

Whitney and daughter Bobbi Christina, who has her own drug troubles to deal with, then made a spectacle of themselves in the front row dancing far more enthusiastically than was appropriate while disturbing other concertgoers.

Prince's people then had to put their collective foot down and ban Whitney from his shows!

But Prince must have had a change of heart -- the woman is trying to get her life together after all -- and issued a statement inviting Whitney back any time.

"Whitney Houston is always welcome at Prince shows 4 all of eternity. Seeing her at 2 shows at The Forum in LA was a treat, especially when she sang with Chaka Khan and danced with Prince during his set."

"We love her always."

Image courtesy FayesVision/WENN.com


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Comments on "Whitney Houston can party like it's 1999 again -- Prince changes his tune"

Jerome May 12, 2011 | 1:29 PM

Why not just admit you and a lot of the media were wrong. Prince did not change his mind. He said he never banned Whitney in the first place. At least the other outlets are truthful enough to say that they were duped.

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