Mike Epps Gets Served On Video

Actor Mike Epps got served! The Jumping the Broom star flipped out when a process server handed him lawsuit papers while he was in the middle of a stand-up routine.

Actor/comedian Mike Epps lost it when he was served with court papers in the middle of his stand-up routine last week.

Mike Epps

Epps, who can be seen in The Hangover and Jumping the Broom, flipped out when the process server dropped the papers on stage during his set at a club in Texas -- dropping the N-word and several other choice terms.

According to Epps, the court documents stem from an incident last year in which he is accused of brutally beating a cameraman during his wife's birthday party in Detroit. Epps is being sued for $1 million.

Check out the video obtained by TMZ (warning, extremely strong language, not safe for work):

Image courtesy Apega/Agent47/WENN.com

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Comments on "Mike Epps gets served -- onstage!"

GIDGET May 12, 2011 | 2:27 PM

Well that is an expensive ass whipping for real!!!!!!! that what the camera man gets! If he wasnt invited to the party and was aked to leave he should have left. I bet he wouldnt be sueing for a million if he had gotten that same ass whipping by someone with money. he would have just taken that whipping and went on. I think thats BS and he shouldnt get a dime.... maybe just another ass whipping would be more like it

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