Meredith & Derek:
Will They Adopt?

While Callie and Arizona ride the wedding week rollercoaster on Grey's Anatomy: White Wedding tonight, Derek and Meredith could find a new family member. Will they adopt Alex's young patient?

It's the Calzone wedding! Callie & Arizona tie the knot on Grey's Anatomy

The Callie and Arizona Grey's Anatomy wedding is here -- and so are the in-laws! The parents of the brides manage to come to terms with having a gay wedding, but Callie's baby daddy and beefy BFF Mark adds a whole 'nother level of confusion to the mix.

Run down by the pre-wedding brunches, rehearsals and family drama, the girls soon realize they're losing control of their special day. It's not turning out as they'd planned, at all, but that's okay, because soon they'll be married!

Meanwhile, Alex's heartwarming pro bono case puts him one step closer to landing the Chief Resident spot. The other residents are sure he's "stealing" the position, but must jump on board to help him save baby Zola.

Cristina is, of course, no longer a contender for the coveted position, since Teddy benched her after Callie's surgery. With an intense case coming in, however, Teddy fights the urge to buckle and let Cristina back into the game. She wants -- needs? -- Cristina's help, but is confident the cocksure surgeon, who was completely traumatized and out of commission not too long ago, needs a bit more tough love.

While the other residents are twitching over Alex's new case, Meredith is confident her Alzheimer's trial is keeping her in the game. Derek (Patrick Dempsey), however, sees more in the young patient than the race for Chief Resident. He asks Meredith if she wants to adopt adorable Zola!

Will Meredith and Derek adopt on Grey's Anatomy?

See how the drama plays out on Grey's Anatomy tonight, Thursday, May 5 at 9 p.m. on ABC, followed by Charlotte and Cooper's own wedding day and in-law drama on Private Practice.

Grey's Anatomy: White Wedding Video Preview!


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Comments on "Grey's Anatomy: White Wedding for Callie & Arizona"

Megan May 07, 2011 | 5:58 PM

Tammy, my last comment was for you too. Try to be a little less hateful and open-minded and you will be happier.

Megan May 07, 2011 | 5:55 PM

Sara, you need to open your mind and eyes a bit and stop contradicting yourself. Also you need to take a couple philosophy classes before you can even try to claim that YOU know what is "right" or "wrong"! Who are YOU to make those highly subjective-opinion-based claims as if they were facts???? That is an extremely arrogant position! I highly doubt that you follow the Christian (?) book word by word (against divorce, against contraception, against premarital , against equality between men and women, against certain foods on Fridays...........). I bet you're like all the other homophobes who just pick and choose parts of the bible that are socially acceptable to those around them. Before they didn't accept blacks or interracial marriages, now they accept blacks and interracial marriages, but not s, who won't they accept next year? What arrogant and hateful hypocrits! Either you are under-educated, very young, or brainwashed. Turn your tv off, get out and travel the world, talk to people who are different and you will become wiser and feel much better about yourself.

AA May 05, 2011 | 9:16 PM

Shame on you for saying that their relationship is wrong according to the Bible. Things have evolved since the Bible said to have a child with a concubine is ok and slavery was ok and so many other things. God is everywhere and if it wasn't meant to happen, their wedding wouldn't happen. Don't be a hater.

tammy May 05, 2011 | 7:53 PM

I feel the way. Grey's is heading in a direction that I do not like. I love Callie too, but putting her with Arizona and the big display is just wrong. When they put Callie with the first Dr. for her to explore I thought that it was wrong, then the Dr. left the show. Callie & McSteamy were together even got pregnant and had a child (like normal heteroual should) yet the writers just keep force feeding us this life style. I don't care for it and I am personally tired of the "token s" that seem to be flooding all of the shows lately. That was it for me that was my last show, enough is enough.

Sara May 05, 2011 | 7:02 PM

I'm really disappointed with Grey's handling of Callie & Arizona's wedding. I almost stopped watching when they put them together.I love Callie AND Arizona! Just NOT together because according to the Bible their relationship is wrong. It is WRONG! I really wanted Callie to be with McSteamy after things went south with George. I also didn't like what Dr. Bailey told Callie about why her mother wasn't onboard with the wedding. I feel the exact same way as her mother does. However, I love the show in spite of that.

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