Royal Honeymoon

Kate Middleton and Prince William had to put their overseas honeymoon on hold, however, they did enjoy a few days of relaxation. Find out their honeymoon details and why they put off their overseas trip.

After all the excitement surrounding the royal wedding, I'm sure Prince William and Kate Middleton were ready to escape to a tropical destination for their honeymoon, as planned. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as Prince William returned to military duty in Wales.

William and Kate honeymoon

"They're looking forward to traveling for the real honeymoon later this month," a source told Us Weekly, with some rumored destinations being scuba diving in Australia or a private island in the Caribbean.

William has scheduled a two-week leave from his position as a helicopter rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force at some point but the palace is not giving an exact date.

So what did they do after the royal wedding, since William had to return to work?

"William and Kate spent their honeymoon weekend at home in Anglesey," a royal source says. "There were rumors that they were in various parts of Europe, but they actually just went home and stayed indoors the whole time. It was a cozy weekend."

In case you are keeping track, William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, took a two-week Mediterranean cruise on their honeymoon.


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Comments on "Why did William and Kate delay the honeymoon?"

theBride May 03, 2011 | 6:21 PM

It's quite possible that British intel influenced the decision in some way, but not directly. If the attempt on OBL failed, who would want the most treasured couple of the decade to be away and relatively unprotected. Kudos.

Anne May 03, 2011 | 4:19 PM

Honestly, I know they'll never be able to say but I think that the CIA tipped off MI6 (their British counterpart) that a major terror situation was about to happen and that extended travel wasn't a good idea at the moment. The timing is just too perfect for this to have not been a factor.

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