Backstory: LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes says she knows why she's a cheater, and that if she was a man her sordid affair wouldn't matter.

Eddie Cibrian LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes says she knows infidelity is not as nice of a habit as, say, knitting, but the singer claims she didn't know how not to cheat.

Yes, you read that right.

In her new special Backstory: LeAnn Rimes, the country star implies that this is all her parents' fault and flat out says if she was a dude we wouldn't care about the fact that she and Eddie Cibrian broke up the home of his kids because they couldn't keep it in their pants.

"I know I didn't do it the right way," Rimes said. "I didn't have the tools to know how to do it the right way, how to let go the right way. I'd never been taught that."

Mothers of the world, apparently now you have to sit your daughters down and tell them not to cheat on their husbands, especially not with married fathers, especially when you're famous and everyone will be talking about it and humiliating the scorned spouses and kids. Add that to the list right under "Just say no to drugs."

Good news, though: LeAnn says now she has the strength to leave her husband first before devastating two families. Too bad that realization is a couple of years too late.

"I have the strength [now] but I didn't at the time… So, it got really messy, but I have learned a lot from that. And I'm not glad it happened, but I know why it did."

Anyway, LeAnn says if she was a dude we wouldn't even care.

"[Country music] has such a double standard. You know, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash and all these guys. God knows what they did back in the day? And if a woman did it, you never were accepted or forgiven. But if it was a guy, it was just their life… It's quite interesting to have to navigate those waters as a woman in this business."

At least she's being honest about it now.

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Glenn August 09, 2012 | 7:29 PM

I have seen this show and really like it. I don't "love" a lot of the dgiesn shows on HGTV but like this one...maybe it's their southern accents. ;) Guess I'm out of the loop because I have NO idea what the deal is with Leanne and Eddie. =/ I think I like it that way though. ;) I remember the song, but who knew it was the same guy? Cool. :)

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