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Glee star Heather Morris has turned up the heat on the Internet by shaking all she's got to Esquire's '50 Songs Every Man Should Be Listening To.' The trick is remembering to actually listen to the music while watching the Heather Morris video. See below!

Heather Morris

Heather Morris has certainly surprised us in the last year. Not only can girlfriend dance -- she has some serious sex appeal. The star, who wowed viewers with her moves on the epic Britney Spears tribute episode of Glee, danced as part of a music feature for Esquire. And we're blushing!

See Heather Morris' Esquire video below!

Who's that girl?

Best known as the ditzy Brittany Pierce in the musical comedy series Glee, actress Heather Morris is no stranger to sharing her talents with an audience. A dancer at heart, as evident in the aforementioned Esquire video, Heather Morris made her debut on So You Think You Can Dance back in 2006. Morris failed to make the cut for the final 20, but boy has she proven the SYTYCD judges wrong since then.

From there, the 24-year-old went on to work as a back-up dancer for Beyonce during 2007 as part of The Beyonce Experience world tour. Heather Morris' movie and television credits include work on Fired Up, Eli Stone, Swingtown and Bedtime Stories.

Clad in a partially sheer and cut-out leotard for the Esquire video, Heather Morris shakes, writhes and whips her hair to the likes of Heart Attack by Raphael Saadiq, Rock 'n' Roll by Raekwon and Sofi Needs a Ladder.

Don't forget to share the music with friends! Check out Heather Morris' dance moves in the Esquire video below.

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Comments on "Glee's Heather Morris dancing video hotness"

Matt November 29, 2011 | 4:48 PM

Her dancing is amazing. The purpose of her moves was to be y, she accomplished this. You mean to complain about her choreography.

Bob April 27, 2011 | 6:48 PM

Way too much cutting; it's hard to tell if she's actually good with all the cuts and the zooming in and out.

HV April 25, 2011 | 12:48 PM

i was really surprised by how terrible her "dancing" was in this video. She wasn't really doing any dancing. She was just gyrating around and goofing around. She has real dancing talent - too bad we didn't see any in this clip. she is a great actress with great comedic timing.

Em April 21, 2011 | 11:56 AM

She's an amazing dancer, but this Esquire clip was just her writhing around. She had much better choreography in the Glee episode. I'm hoping they write more episodes where we can see her awesome moves. Love her.

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