Tim Robbins
Mourns Parents

Tim Robbins is grieving the loss of his parents, Gil and Mary Robbins, after both passed away within the past two weeks.

Tim Robbins loses both parents within 12 days

Actor and director Tim Robbins is grieving a horrible loss: Both of his parents passed away within 12 days of one another. Robbins' father, Gil Robbins, died on April 5 after a battle with prostate cancer, according to the Los Angeles Times. His mother, Mary Robbins, died of a heart arrhythmia on Saturday, April 16.

The couple both passed away in their Esteban Cantu, Mexico, home after 59 years of marriage.

"He was very charming, open and funny," Robbins told the L.A. Times after his father passed away. "He had a real strong moral center; he spoke up for what he believed in."

And his mother?

"[She] had a calm and cheerful demeanor, a sharp wit, a gentle spirit and a generous and loving heart," Robbins told the Associated Press.

Both Gil and Mary Robbins were musicians -- Gil Robbins was even a member of the 1960s folk group the Highwaymen. Mary Robbins studied music at UCLA and later earned a degree in holistic nutrition. She spent time working at a clinic in Mexico. The couple leaves behind four children and four grandchildren.

So sad -- looks like it is possible to die of a broken heart.


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Comments on "Tim Robbins loses both parents within 12 days"

wanda506 April 20, 2011 | 10:00 PM

That is really sad but iv known several couples passing quickly after their beloved and has to be from broken hearts. my neice last week was at the hospital and with her mom my sister in law. she went to call her dad to tell him her mom was on life support and turns out he was on another floor on life support too. they said her mom was brain dead but she came back when they took the respirator off and she lived the rest of the nite till next day. his funeral was the nite after hers. they were not together. i cant imagine those losses so close sorry tim i really love your acting

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