Rebecca Black Threatened

YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has more to worry about than what day comes after Friday -- the teen singer has been getting death threats!

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black's Friday video is so hated that the poor girl is receiving death threats! The song is bad, but it's not that bad, folks.

"In essence, the threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they were going to kill her," Anaheim police spokesman Sgt. Rick Martinez said. "We can't validate how serious they are, but we do take it seriously."

Black received one threat via email and one over the phone, and cops are keeping an eye out for any others.

"In the meantime, we are keeping an extra eye out for her."

Rebecca Black can hardly keep a low profile. Her video for Friday has topped 100,000 views on YouTube, she has appeared on pretty much every morning show in the US, and Friday is being featured on Glee.

"We are working together with the Anaheim Police Department to ensure Rebecca's safety at all times," said the teen's rep.

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Comments on "Rebecca Black getting death threats"

james April 20, 2011 | 8:17 PM

The problem as I see it is this,yes the song sucks and she is not that great of a singer but lets face it she is getting famous for doing something that everybody else wishes that they had done,I say leave the poor kid alone and let her enjoy the fame that she has got from something that sucks.I wish I had done some stupid song and got this kind of attention,then again maybe I don't

Black Friday April 20, 2011 | 7:47 PM

Oh My God she's a hit, not- she's run by a promotions team that work for the government, the music is fricking terrible, its product placement and lined up promo gigs obviously designed by politics. One reason she is hated is the government is not supposed to interfere or abuse the media......... as in propaganda. you got to love the American government for cutting funding to cultural programs and the arts, censoring the freedom of expression, then fostering a bunch of god awful music. She's an insult to songwriters and artists across the country...then again that's nothing new, the U.S. at this point produces morons and prototypes-no wonder the music industry collapsed. Honestly when did George W.Bush go into record producing?

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