Vanessa Hudgens: Drugs Or Chocolate?

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted licking a suspicious white substance off her fingers at Coachella. Was it drugs?

Vanessa HudgensSucker Punch star Vanessa Hudgens was spotted licking a strange white substance off her fingers that she scooped out of a pouch at Coachella. Was it drugs?

Blogger Perez Hilton posted the photos and said Hudgens repeatedly dipped into the bag for a "snack."

She "kept herself busy by sampling a lot of substances!" wrote Hilton.

"Whatever she was putting in her mouth, it was white and kept in a zippered pouch!"

Drugs would certainly explain the ridiculous getups the star was wearing all weekend, but alas, her rep says it just ain't the case.

Their story: It was just white chocolate.

White chocolate that was shared amongst her friends all weekend. Definitely not cocaine, ground-up ecstasy or any other drug.

People always bring chocolate to weekend-long concert festivals in the hot desert, don't they?

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Comments on "Vanessa Hudgens' Coachella drug mystery: Solved?"

VHudg April 19, 2011 | 1:31 PM

Oh, Vanessa Hudgens. Couldn't her reps have at least come up with a good lie. 1) Who carries around a bag full of melted white chocolate on a hot day? 2) The substance definitely looks like a powder, not a liquid 3) Several drug enthusiasts on the 'Net say it's clearly Mollie, a form of ecstasy, which is very popular at Coachella. Get it together, VHudg!

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