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Family Troubles

Kyle Richards has taken to her blog to explain -- and apologize for -- the huge blowup between her and sister Kim Richards on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards and her sister Kim Richards had a nuclear meltdown of a fight on last night's season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What happened, and have they kissed and made up?

The real story is complicated, sad and messy -- just like real life.

In an open letter on her blog, Kyle wrote:

"This is a very difficult blog to write. There's so much pain and emotion in this episode. It feels so strange to even refer to it as an 'episode.' This is my life. This is Kim's life. I wish we were just characters on television, but this is all too real.

That night never should have happened. It was incredibly difficult to go through in the first place and it's even more difficult to watch and relive it.

Throughout the season I have come across as angry toward my sister. At times, it seemed unwarranted. I know that. I know how bad it looked. The truth is, I was angry. There were problems brewing between my sister and me off camera. I'm not good at hiding my feelings as well as others, so I brought my feelings in front of the cameras. Viewers only know what they see, and sometimes, they saw me reacting with force and emotion that didn't seem to make sense.

First off, let me say, I love my sister so much. Sometimes, I wish I loved her a little less. You may be thinking, 'You have a funny way of showing it.' And you're not wrong. However, our arguments were never about what was happening at that moment. My mom used to say, 'They're crying about the apples, but it's really the oranges,' and that's exactly what was happening here. The tension between Kim and me was never about her not 'having my back' in New York. There is so much more to it than that. I didn't want to come out and say what it was that was really bothering me because this is a private family matter. It would have saved me a lot of criticism, believe me, but it's not just my story to tell. It's Kim's story too.

After this horrible argument between Kim and I, we didn't speak for a long time. My heart was broken and I suffered an incredible amount of anxiety and panic attacks. Next to losing my mother, this was the most difficult time of my life. It is so difficult for me to even write about it now.

The details of what happened with Kim after that night, is her story to tell. I will not go into that here. I do want to say that I have learned a lot about my sister and myself during the taping of this show. I have been able to look at our relationship from an outsider's point of view. I've realized that my pain and worrying about her comes off as anger. It was not helping Kim or our relationship. I love my sister and only want the best for her. Kim knows that.

I would also like to clarify, that I do not resent my mother in any way. After losing her, I felt that it was not only my job to look after Kim, but all of the sisters jobs to look after each other. I think my frustration came from feeling as if I were ill equipped to handle it at times."

As far as "what happened with Kim after that night," rumor has it she checked into rehab but left after only a week.

Kyle went on to express her sympathy and sorrow for the messy divorce costar Camille Grammer is going through and says she wishes she could rewind the clock on their friendship.

What's next for the Real Housewives? Stay tuned for the reunion special next week!


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Comments on "Kyle Richards explains rift with sister"

Charlie October 11, 2011 | 4:09 AM

Wow. I've just found this article after watching episode 6 of the second series. I totally had Kyle's back in the last series, believing Camille to be the liar. But now I've seen how appallingly Kyle behaves towards Brandi - who has done nothing to her - I can see that it is definately Kyle that is the here. She is one nasty piece of work.

militaryhousewife September 14, 2011 | 1:27 AM

It is funny how Kyle is always spouting off about Kim not sticking up for her when every time Taylor attacks her, Kyle has NEVER come to Kim's defense....

Maite July 09, 2011 | 10:17 AM

Kyle is a bad person. She is cruel and narcisistic. She must be out of the show.

loren January 29, 2011 | 3:23 PM

With the intention of crying "foul" on Kyle Richards after watching her bully Kim, I find instead most of the comments have already summed up the issues much more succinctly than I could have. I can only echo the sentiments: Kim, you are loved! Seek the only true love as Diana 16 has already suggested my friend! Kyle, you are clearly a bully. Beauty is only skin deep, but Kyle, ugly like yours is to the bone!

Viewer who has a sister just like Kyle January 29, 2011 | 2:38 PM

Kim, you are a good person who has 4 wonderful children. In googling your name there is much about your acting resume and all the shows you did when you were a child. I am your age and was a fan. Your acting past was great, but your kids are your accomplishment. IF the story is true that you have a drinking problem, I encourage you to go to rehab and move on with your life. If you can't do it for you, do it for your your kids. Your fans are here for you and will be afterwards. I pray that you are not an alcoholic, but if you are please go to rehab and decide to change. I relate to you in many ways. I have been beaten down by my sisters and extended family and have the same confidence issues you appear to have. I have had to deal with family turning on me throughout my adult life. My family blames me for their problems and I spend all my time defending myself. Then I am called the drama queen. Sound Familiar? Although I do not drink, I have had to deal with alcoholism within my in laws. Alcohol is very bad for your health in so many ways. My mother in law and father in law both died very young. I went through a lot with them. They were good people who could not control their behaviors. I am lucky in that I have a great husband who supports me fully and has helped me with my confidence issues. I pray you find a man that treats you special like you deserve to be treated. With my inlaws, I never once behaved like Kyle did to you. Kyle had and has no right to mistreat you in any way even though she thinks she has an excuse to do so. Drinking destroyed my inlaws bodies and brains. And now, our family is dealing with my sister in law choosing drinking over her family. It's a hard life. There are proven clinical studies that show that drinking alcohol in excess without the proper nutrition will put holes into your brain. Drinking causes your body to create the same endorphins that crack cocaine causes. It's the reason that people become addicted and cannot control themselves. A rehab will help you get through it. You need to understand this so you can stop. Your sister needs to understand this so she can stop abusing you both verbally and physically. It's obvious that you reacted to Kyle in a non-violent way, yet she acted violently against you. She needs help too. She needs to find another way to express her anger. Kyle is using it to blame you for her issues. She is wrong for doing so. I will never watch a show with her in it or about her. If it wasn't alcohol, she would have found another reason to blame you for her problems. Kyle twisted the situations and put you in a place to have to defend yourself. She made you feel humiliated, so you left to avoid the drama. Yet she accused you of creating the drama. Kyle needs to take a good look at herself and change the way she treats you.

Viewer who has a sister just like Kyle January 29, 2011 | 2:06 PM

Kyle, whatever Kims demons are; whatever ordeal it is/was for her to resolve in her life - instead of standing by her side and being there for her. YOU CHOSE to publicly announce her demons. Possibly hurting future chances for her to have a second career. STOP PLAYING THE MARTYR. Sister should be there through thick and thin and not throw it up in their face when it benefits the other. There were several women attacking Kim at that party. My opinion is that you actually did make the comment that Camille accused you of at the beginning of the season. The same comment that was brought up in every episode of this season. From an outsiders perspective, you were "played" by Taylor. You turned on your sister for not standing up for you, yet you did not stand up for your sister to Taylor. Usually, when someone throws accusations at someone, it's a trait within the accuser. From the very first episode, you made passive/aggressive comments about your sister. Because you had a secret on her, you seemed to feel that you could be as mean as you wanted to be. It was obvious that something wasn't right with Kim. Now that the truth is out, it shows that all she needs is for family to take her side and stop turning on her. It's her familys responsibility to make her feel better about herself and to stand by her.

viewer January 27, 2011 | 7:32 PM

Kyle is a bully who repeatedly humiliated her sister throughout the season. Now she blames Kim for her own behavior and further undermines Kim's reputation by insinuating that Kim has other issues (alcoholism)that are so horrible that we, the viewers, will understand her love and excuse her bullying. "I didn’t want to come out and say what it was that was really bothering me because this is a private family matter. It would have saved me a lot of criticism, believe me, but it’s not just my story to tell. It’s Kim’s story too." No, it wouldn't have saved her from criticism. After learning that Kim may be an alcoholic, I find her behavior even more pathetic and abusive.

Bry January 25, 2011 | 4:32 PM

To those who keep rationalizing Kyle's behavior & say they too have experienced alcoholism in their families... I am a child of two severe,late alcoholics. I am one of 5 siblings and I have dealt with two drug addicted older sibs as well as several other addicted family members. I have lived this big time and totally understand how deeply painful it is to deal with an addict and how addicts manipulate, etc. HOWEVER, regardless of what the addict says or does... it is is NEVER a reason (aka rationalization, excuse) for another person being abusive towards the addict or towards anybody else. Nobody, for any reason, has the right to constantly malign, marginalize, insult, emotionally (and even physically if Adrienne hadn't stopped Kyle) ABUSE another person, as Kyle has been doing on every single episode of this show in multiple ways, towards Kim. Regardless of Kim's issues, Kyle, sober, has her own serious personality issues (narcissistic personality disorder and abusive bully) and there is no reason or rationalization for Kyle's behaviors towards Kim or in general. Kyle needs to wake up to Kyle. Kim needs to take care of herself and keep her distance from Kyle.

Elizabeth January 25, 2011 | 11:53 AM

Wow, lat Thursday show came as a huge shock! It explains so much about the things that never made sense. I like Lisa and Kyle, they are really the only two down to earth and stable women on the show. I too have had to deal with an alcoholic in the family and while you understand and feel bad for what they have to deal with and wish they were "cured" they also spill their mess into your life and it can get quite ugly, and so I understand Kyle's anger at Kim. I wish Kim had the strength to go to rehab and stay there until she can stand on her own, and give up drinking. Alcoholics never understand how they take their entire family down with them. The only shame is doing nothing. I think Kyles exposing it in public was to enlist aid from everyone because she was not getting anywhere with the way things were going. I hope this shock turns out to eventually do just that. I'm angry because for the first time I saw Camille as human, and didn't view her with the disgust I normally do...... It's a strange new world RHBH! I wish everyone the best. This is now my new favorite show.

Sally January 24, 2011 | 9:58 PM

How much does the relationship between Kyle and Kim Richards remind you of 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' - with Kyle as Bette Davis and Kim as Joan Crawford???

Alana January 23, 2011 | 3:08 PM

I think the truth will come out, and I believe every word Kyle is saying. I really do. She is giving as much of an explanation as she can without actually telling viewers anything, and is hinting that though there's a lot to tell it's out of bounds for her to do the telling. As people who have dysfunctional family members, espcially noes with alcohol or drug use or depression can attest, it's sometimes more painful to be the person watching the addict or depressed person, in a way. You seem to care more about them than they do of themself, and it's frustrating to see somenoe that you care about descend into a hellish pit of addiction and despair. It affects their life, yes, but because of the drug or mental haze they don't really see the full affect and instead think they're being the problem, when in reality family members hate the disease and the addiction, not the person.

angel January 23, 2011 | 10:05 AM

Kim has a disease. Kyle - what's your excuse? I am soooo sick of people writing about how folks don't understand what Kyle had to go through with Kim. Well, I do. I am from a family of alcoholics and it can be taxing at times, but never, never did or would any member of my family publicly humiliate the other. Kyle destroyed her sister and I believe that she did it on purpose. I am not buying her act for one second. I also believe this is about more than alcoholism....there's something else going on there.

Diana16 January 23, 2011 | 6:28 AM

I was very sad to watch Kyle betray her sister Kim on the show. It was Taylor who started the drama. Kim like most sensitive people is broken inside by all the disappointments in her life. She was a special part of the childhood of so many of us Baby Boomers. Kim you are loved by many but most of all by God. Only God can truly heal all the hurt people do to each other,put your faith in him and you will never need alcohol ever again.

Bry January 22, 2011 | 4:14 PM

People seem to be overlooking or foregtting Lisa's major role in all of this... Lisa said on the previous show she was mad that her bf, Kyle, was hanging more with Taylor. I knew then that Lisa was going to set Taylor up. Then Lisa made that lunch date with Taylor and LISA, not Taylor, brought the whole NY thing back up and further pushed Taylor to take it further (knowing it would stir it all back up again). Taylor on the other hand, is a liar who is not owning up to her part in the NY incident and she was caught on tape in the airport. Kim outed Taylor and Taylor is trying to put it back on Kim. Taylor is also targetting Kim because they all think (mainly helped by Kyle who every chance she gets puts Kim down to everyone including Kim's own kids), that Kim is a weak, loser. Kim was a child star who supported her whole family and lost her childhood to doing so. She also lost her second husband to murder. Kyle is a jealous wannabe that never was. Their mother was a stage mother and pimped all three girls (Kathy, Kim & Kyle) in showbiz from the time they could talk and Kim is the one people liked so she became a child and teen star. The Richards family is very dysfunctional and Kyle is an abusive, cruel, jealous bully and Kim has been her target (long before they went on this show). This is a family pattern we are seeing play out. A pattern that Lisa had no clue about when she set Taylor up to start this NY stuff up again. Taylor is pathetic. Lisa is cunningly manipulative and Kyle is an abusive brute. This is a mean girls click where Lisa is the Queen Bee, Kyle is her Princess and Taylor is a Lady in Waiting Wannabe. Kim is their target (especially Kyle's target) and any easy fall girl for all of them to blame when stuff hits a fan. Lisa is cunning and knew when she invited Taylor to lunch that Taylor could be manipulated because she's insecure, not that bright and a BH rich wife wannabe. Lisa even said that Taylor would rather be unhappy (in her marriage)so she can keep her BH "lifestyle". Lisa, Kyle and Taylor are bad news. Kim should leave this sleazy show and take care of herself and not let this hurt her any more than it already has and hopefully she will get some new acting gigs from it. Kim, get help so you can feel better about yourself and stronger and while you do it, keep your distance from your family. Kyle, I hope you've opened your eyes since Adrienne suggested counseling to you at Taylor's party and you nixxed it, because you have serious emotional, personality and denial issues. You need help far more than Kim or anyone else on this show, and that's saying a lot! Learn how to love in a healthy and real way not the way you call "love" now, it's cruel and it's sick. Kudos to Adrienne for stepping in and helping Kim!!!

Bry January 22, 2011 | 4:03 PM

QUEENOFTHERIEW... I have sisters and have dealt with the issues and am pretty educated on, the subjects and issues involved here and I disagree with you because... Regardless of how frustrating or upsetting someone's addiction behaviors are (and believe me, I know just how hard this is), that is NO excuse for someone to behave like Kyle has behaved toward Kim, not ever. Kyle wasn't just abusive towards Kim in the limo, she has been systematically and continually abusive throughout this entire show week after week, towards Kim. Aside from Kim she has displayed other traits of a bully too. Bullying and abusive (almost physical abuse in the limo from Kyle if Adrienne hadn't stopped it) is sick, cruel and never ok (for any reason), ever!

QueenoftheReview January 22, 2011 | 7:43 AM

All I can say is holy moly! Unless you've lived with an alchoholic (or are one), you will never understand the pressure that can put on relationships. If you really look back over the season, it will become clear - remember how Kim's daughter could not wait to get away! I thought it odd then that Kim was drinking, what appeared to be iced tea, in a high ball glass. When I first started watching the show, I thought - glad I don't have a sister if this is how they behave towards one another - but, then, I realized the anger and frustration Kyle must have trying to take care of an alcholic who can't move forward because she can't let go of the past. I think the saying goes - 'walk a mile in my moccosins.' As for the rest of the cast - mostly a delusional bunch. No one seems to have an issue with Lisa using another human being (Cedric) for entertainment. Is it any wonder - what kind of men live in Beverly Hills, her husband gives a new meaning to the word 'wus.' I love the entertainment - it amazes me that they are so desparate for fame that they will expose their lives like that.

christine January 22, 2011 | 7:21 AM

Sadly, after reading your latest comments you are clearly in pain over the last episode. While it is true we do not know all of the facts about your relatonship with Kim the bottom line is you don't beat a person when they are down. Kim obviously is no match for you. She is in pain and you went after her which was so sad to see. I don't care what has happened to the two of you in the past. But in the present you viciously attacked your sister when you knew the cameras were rolling.....can you imagine how Kim felt? She was so afraid and when she was crying in the limo all by herself I wanted to slap you, Kyle. You are vicious in your attacks even with Camille. Your fight with Camille is nonsense.....who cares if she accused you of saying some things. Camille is clearly insecure and for that reason alone you do not continualy browbeat someone. Give it up, Kyle. It's too bad that of all the housewives (with the exception of troublemaker Taylor) you are the one that comes across as full of yourself.

Liz January 22, 2011 | 5:18 AM

Kyle is the biggest ever!!!! Her poor sister, I feel bad for her! She is so mentally abusive!! Ever notice how Kim really stays out of everything... and then every one that fights brings her in to it and lays it on her... like everything is her fault>>what is wrong with those women? And through out the whole season... u only live one life... why so much drama? I guess that is what makes it fun for everyone to watch... but still I feel bad.

Lisa January 22, 2011 | 1:12 AM

Taylor instigated that entire scene and the result was predictable since all Kyle does is berate and bully her sister. She seems to live for it. You have to wonder why though. I can't imagine treating a sister like that. The only one I like besides Kim is Adrienne because she does try to help. She was the only one who extended a hand to Kim at all.

Lucy January 21, 2011 | 11:11 PM

This show is like watching a car wreck, you can't help yourself! It makes me very good about my own simple life ...I imagined these ladies would have perfect happy lives. What could be further from the truth. It all seems very shallow and immature. Ladies please spend your time more wisely. Try volunteering! anything! I truly hope all the drama is for tv and not real.

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