Lindsay Lohan
Rehab Drama

Lindsay Lohan could spend six months in jail after a physical altercation with a Betty Ford Clinic staffer.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may have violated terms of her probation if Judge Elden Fox decides she committed battery against a Betty Ford Clinic staffer.

The Palm Desert Police Department received a call at 1:03 a.m. on December 12 for "hand-to-hand battery" involving Lohan and a female Betty Ford staffer.

The altercation occurred after Lindsay Lohan and her rehab roommates -- who were staying at a satellite house at the Betty Ford Clinic -- went to a bar. The roommates were reportedly "drinking heavily," however, TMZ is saying there was no evidence that Lindsay was drinking.

They returned back to the Betty Ford Clinic approximately ten minutes past their curfew. Lindsay reports that the female staff member was "unfairly" scolding her and was demanding she take a drug and alcohol test.

The staffer reportedly "put her hands on Lindsay," and LiLo claims she told the staffer to "take your hands off of me" and then "pushed back."

A source is saying that Lindsay feels that the staffer "had it out for her" and wanted a final confrontation since Lindsay Lohan was reaching the end of her stay at the clinic.

TMZ is reporting the staffer "desired prosecution."

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Comments on "Lindsay Lohan back to jail after Betty Ford fight?"

Not authorized to speak to Media December 21, 2010 | 3:25 PM

Wow, not at all close to what really happen... where do you guys get this stuff? Anyone at Betty Ford who misses a curfew is subject to a drug test, period! This had nothing to do with Lindsay being picked on.

angelina December 21, 2010 | 1:06 PM

I believe Lindsay, this staffer seem to have her own issues. What the hell is 10 min. these days. What is this a consentration camp? This staffer should be given the test. She is likely jelouse. Goodluck Lindsay. You are a talented wowman I hope you resolve your issues and we all have them and we could see you on the big screen again..merry christmas.

chris December 21, 2010 | 1:03 PM

I highly doubt she will spend anytime in prison. there are two justice systems. one for the hoolywood elite and one for the rest of us. Keep it up Linsay and you'll get another warning

angelina December 21, 2010 | 1:00 PM

Big deal whats 10 minutes obiviously this staffer has her own issues that the Betty Ford clinic should look into.

skrgd December 21, 2010 | 12:24 PM

You smokin the same stuff as Lindsay? If you miss curfew DAT is mandated. She didn't just abuse alcohol to get into trouble. Just because you side with the knucklehead doesn't put you on the Xmas list. This isn't her first altercation. By the way the event took place at Betty Ford not the bar, keep up!

Californiadesi December 21, 2010 | 11:32 AM

Is Police going to prosecute every bar room brawl? If that is the case,then Police would not have time for anything else to do. If Lindsay was late by ten minutes,that is no reason to lay hands on her and if she did not smell alcohol in her breath, there was no probable cause for attendant to ask her to take alcohol or drug test. That is just plain harassment and attendant asked for it. It appears that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute anything. Merry Christmas ! Lindsay

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