Kate Is Sad And Lonely

Kate Gosselin has no friends and depends on her bodyguard as her only confidante, says a source.

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has been left friendless and lonely after the success of her show and her tumultuous divorce, according to a source.

"The truth is Kate is really sad and lonely with few true friends," an associate told RadarOnline.

"Her bodyguard Steve Neild is the closest person to her, but he's married with two kids of his own."

"Steve lives in the basement of her home and he accompanies Kate everywhere, but they strongly deny that there is anything going on between them despite the fact that they have taken trips to Alaska and to Mexico together."

"Apart from Steve she does not have many true friends to confide in or just go out and have fun with while she does not have the best relationship with her family either."

Even Kate's neighbors don't want anything to do with her. "They don't think greatly of her and she is not popular at the local stores, post office or car wash, because she cannot win people over and comes across as cold and aloof," said an acquaintance.

"Kate just finds it hard to be friendly towards people and is very domineering -- at the moment she is pre-occupied with looking her best and keeping up appearances."

Of course, all this might have to do with the mom-of-eight's crazy schedule and public lifestyle -- she never has time for things like a girls' night out, and the paparazzi are always camped outside of her home.

"Kate has money coming in but nobody to share it with -- having her own reality show has come with a price for her but ultimately that was her own choice."

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Comments on "Kate Gosselin has no friends"

Samantha December 12, 2010 | 10:25 AM

LOSER KATE - that's a great name for you! Please - give those kids a darn bath - they are filthy! Is that how "you" support them - bye the kids being on TV they actually "support" you! You say "they're the most important thing" .. sure they are because they're making you money so you don't have to get a "real job" - the people of the state of PA. are the REAL ones who support all those kids you have - which was YOUR choice to have "litters of kids" .. what are you, an animal? You do know that "animals" have "litters" right?? And I bet Steve loves living in your basement .. such losers all of you! And everything about you is "fake" .. your hair, your breasts, the 'tummy tuck'..(too bad they couldn't have removed your tongue so no-one could listen to you complain all the time; that would be a great procedure for you!) now who paid for all those things again?? Oh Jon - aren't you glad you're gone?? You did the right thing by leaving that piece of crap!

Joanne December 12, 2010 | 10:11 AM

You are such a LOSER! And I just find those "freaks" that you call children obnoxious and they look dirty - do you EVER give them a bath? Oh that's right, you're too busy spending money on yourself to take care of the "freaks" - still wondering if any of you are "human" now what has this world come down to when a wench like you can be on TV? Sure the good old state of PA pays for that "litter of freaks" that you had .. sure you're on every type of "assistance" there is out there - or do you just keep pimping those "freaks" out to make money for you? At least buy them a bar of soap & shampoo so they can "wash" - gross!

Kiki December 12, 2010 | 10:03 AM

The only person who can "stand" to be around you is the bodyguard .. and he has to be "paid" to even do that! Do you know what the word "friend" even means? My guess is "nope". Your own mother wants nothing to do with you .. sad! And your dancing; what a joke that was; it was actually like a comedy routine and I AM SO GLAD YOU WERE BOOTED OFF - got just what you deserve! Karma .. you know how that saying goes! Now who watches those "freaks" of what you call "kids" when you're on the road (the road to hell that is!) Even you can't stand to be around them (and it shows) sure they're glad you're gone too! I'd be ashamed if you were my mother whom everyone hates. No wonder Jon was cheating on you .. you treated him like crap; talked down to him - good luck finding ANYONE who'd want to spend their life with you - you'll just make it a living hell for him! LOSER ..

Kiki December 12, 2010 | 9:53 AM

another thing to add - Sarah Palin was good enough to extend an invitation and you're still as rude as ever! Too bad somebody didn't accidently "shoot you" while you were hunting - you look like an animal" and you act like one! How do you live with yourself ... as no-one else can either! And those "freaks" of kids; are they by any chance "human" .. or are they animals just like you? Jon should have them; not you! You're a "TV " and you'll keep pimping those kids out until they can't make any more money for you! Shameless ..

kiki December 12, 2010 | 9:47 AM

oh boo freakin' hoo .. you have to "be a friend" to have a "friend". She literally couldn't "buy" a friend if there was one for sale .. ha ha! Such a wench .. and you're as fake as your ugly/fake hair extensions! Oh, you have "no money for that litter of freaks you have" but have money for yourself - not too selfish now are you? Hope you're all alone for the holidays .. yup as you should be!

maryann November 30, 2010 | 2:53 PM

Steve the bodyguard lives in the basement of her home??? You have got to be kidding me!!! What does Kate think that we're stupid? Also, what the heck is she still doing with a bodyguard... other than the obvious in her bedroom! Unfortunately for Kate, everything's coming home to roost whether she realizes it or not. It's the tip of the iceberg with her kids before they begin to reach adolescence. Don't envy her one bit. I am sure that with Steve living in the house ( if that's the case), despite what she says about how much the kids like him... in the future she's going to be hearing an earful.

anne November 30, 2010 | 1:58 PM

who cares...she made her bed.....

BRUCE WALKER November 30, 2010 | 1:46 PM

Boo Hoo ! who the HELL cares , She would just talk down to them anyways. This Bit-h counld'nt bye a friend. Why would ANYONE even think of her as a friend.

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