Barbara Bush Vs Sarah Palin

Barbara Bush won't be tuning in to Sarah Palin's Alaska any time soon, judging by comments made during an interview with Larry King.

Barbara Bush totally burned Sarah Palin in an interview with Larry King, saying the former Alaska governor should stay in her northern home, far, far away from the rest of the USA.

George Bush and Barbara Bush talk Sarah Palin

In an interview with George and Barbara Bush, King asks the couple what they think of the controversial Palin.

"I sat next to her once," the former First Lady replied.

"Thought she was beautiful. And I think she's very happy in Alaska, and I hope she'll stay there."

No comment from the Palin camp, but Sarah is sure to be too busy promoting Sarah Palin's Alaska and plotting world domination while managing Bristol's burgeoning Dancing career and Willow's burgeoning homophobia.

Barbara Bush on Sarah Palin

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Comments on "Barbara Bush no fan of Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Lynnda 37 November 23, 2010 | 5:39 AM

you go Barbara Sarah has finally met her match!!! You can bet there won't be one thing said about Mrs Bush's comment. Mrs. Bush has more class in her little finger than Sarah has in her whhole body. Are you scared Sarah? you should be!! Sarah will get someone else to take a jab at Mrs. Bush. Watch out Sarah talk about a "Mama Grizzly" you just got attacked by one ha ha ha

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