Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine, will talk about her son, Michael Jackson, as well as her wrongful death lawsuit on Oprah next week.

Leave it to Oprah to get all the good interviews! The queen of daytime television will talk with Michael Jackson's mom, Katherine, in an in-depth interview on November 8 on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Oprah Winfrey and Katherine Jackson

Katherine opens up

Michael's father, Joe Jackson, will also appear in the interview during the segment in which the Jackson family is having a backyard get-together at their Encino, California home.

Katherine will reportedly discuss her son's unexpected death in 2009, as well as his life growing up as a child superstar. She will also dish about her wrongful death civil lawsuit against AEG, and her battle to control Michael's estate and his millions. Sounds juicy!

Randy Jackson shut out

There are also reports that Michael's three children will be present during the interview -- and producers are trying to get mom Debbie Rowe on board also.

Who will not be there? X17 is saying that Randy Jackson was not invited to the interview because they thought he would try to stop it. No word on whether Janet Jackson or LaToya Jackson will make an appearance.

Oprah recorded over three hours of material during her visit, and Monday's interview will air only one hour of it. I'm sure if the ratings are big enough, we can expect a part two.

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Comments on "Michael Jackson’s mom to tell all on Oprah"

James November 10, 2010 | 11:48 AM

I think the interview was a good one and that it shows how the investigation into Michaels death went and how the Doctor will probably get away with it because it all goes beyond just the Doctor. Michael was not meant to go on that tour and they made sure of it. There are too many people like Michael who mysteriously die under strange circumstances and it is all hidden by someone higher up. It happens everyday and no one notices. I would want nothing more than to talk to someone in Michaels family about my own knowledge on it all. I personally know of someone going thru the same scenerio, somewhat, and he is constantly followed, illegally serveilanced, and even get some of the people you may know to go against you and work on their end for whatever reason they may say, even if it is not true. Your everymove is watched and you have fears of playing anywhere, eating anywhere, or even just visiting friends, for one day that very friend may be taking info for them against you whether the reasinging is true or not.Michael was a good father, brother,son, and uncle and he truly cared.

MelbaBrown November 03, 2010 | 5:22 PM

LaToya will be there for sure. Girlfriend has never missed out on an interview opp. Maybe she'll bring Bubbles.

Ava November 03, 2010 | 5:20 PM

Wow, how long with the Jackson family exploit Michael Jackson's death? Leave it alone.

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