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Megamind stars speak: Tina Fey and Will Ferrell front and center

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Will Ferrell & Tina Fey find superpowers

In Megamind, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey are larger than life in 3D. As we meet the two stars of the DreamWorks animated joy of a film, Fey in real life is quite the towering presence. In six-inch Jimmy Choo heels, she makes her entrance and appears almost as tall as Ferrell.

Will & Tina's Mega world

SheKnows: In a majority of animated films, the actors sit solo in a booth recording lines with the director passing notes through his own microphone. I hear some of the scenes, you two recorded together. Was there any improv?

Will Ferrell & Tina Fey find superpowers

Tina Fey: Tom [McGrath, director] really encouraged us to improvise and Will and I were lucky enough that we got to do sessions together. Tom was very welcoming of it.

SheKnows: Will, have your kids seen Megamind? Do you share any traits with your character?

Will Ferrell: My kids haven't seen it but they're excited about it. It's the first time they've commented on something I've done. There is one poster that has the Megamind baby featured and my three-year-old is really fascinated with the baby.

Tina Fey: It's really cute.

Will Ferrell: It's an adorable baby. And traits that I share with the character? I have a lot of tight leather pants bought in bulk. I don't wear them but just keep them there. There is a part of my baby that I can't go into detail on, that is blue [laughs]. It's a genetic defect. I share that with the character.

SheKnows: Megamind gets his wish and he's not satisfied. Ever felt that way?

Will Ferrell: Well, I've always wanted to sail around the world in a hand-made boat. I built a boat, had one built for me. And my second day out to sea I realized A) I'm not a sailor and B) I have no knowledge of basic navigation and I didn't bring any supplies and, in that moment, I was miserable. I thought I had everything and it turned out I didn't. That would be my one example. But I was in a lake, Lake Havasu [laughs]. I screwed up.

Will Ferrell & Tina Fey find superpowers

SheKnows: Were there enemies of your own that you had to overcome?

Tina Fey: I don't really have a nemesis but I have a series of hundreds of small enemies [Will laughs]. Everyone I meet, I assume, is out to get me and that fuels my fire on a daily basis.

Will Ferrell: My nemesis prior to this working experience was David Cross [who voices Minion in the film] but through this process we were able to basically knock that out. David's still trying to come over to my side.

Will Ferrell & Tina Fey find superpowersSheKnows: Tina and Will, were your children an inspiration for making Megamind, in that, it is a film that they could immediately enjoy?

Will Ferrell: This was a decision based on wanting to do another animated movie and getting the chance to work with Tom and DreamWorks. My children were not consulted nor are they ever consulted…about anything.

Tina Fey: They will speak when spoken to!

Will Ferrell: Very strict. But, they've seen some of the ads and trailers and they're intrigued by the fact that I do the voice of this guy with the blue head, yeah.

SheKnows: 30 Rock just went live, how tiring was that effort for you versus your "normal" taping process?

Tina Fey: I have recovered. We were all very tired the next day because when you do SNL, you wake up the next day and feel like someone hit you with a piece of luggage. It was a very big challenge and I think it went well. I don't know if we'll do it again. It, weirdly, costs a lot of money to do so. It'll be up to NBC if we ever do it again but it was certainly a positive experience on my end. It was exciting.

SheKnows: Lastly, as the third woman to receive the Mark Twain award, how does that resonate with you as compared to an Emmy or other accolades?

Tina Fey: Honestly, I'm very, very honored almost to the point of embarrassment. I'm looking forward to the ceremony in a couple of weeks. Yeah, Mark Twain is the great American humorist. He's taught in schools. It's a big deal. I hope someday, Hal Holbrook has a one-man show about me. I would be honored. I can't quite understand why it's happening. I'm just taking it as it comes.

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