They Tried To Make Them Go To Rehab...

The Hollywood glitz and glamour were not enough for these celebrity trainwrecks. They went off and made some fun of their own...and ran into a few (or 15) obstacles along the way. Check out these 10 totally crazy celebrity trainwrecks.

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears

This mother of two also happens to be the mother of all trainwrecks.

Girlfriend has had her moments -- the most infamous being when she shaved her own head and was admitted to rehab twice for alleged addiction to alcohol and cocaine.

Since she grew her hair back, stopped hanging out with Paris and Lindsay, and got back on tour, she's been walking a steady line. Let's hope she keeps it that way.

Heidi Montag

Country-girl turned Hollywood-plastic-doll Heidi Montag first started out on The Hills in season one as Lauren Conrad's best friend, she was the giggly, carefree, loveable, fun girl.

Then she met Spencer Pratt. Then she married him and got plastic surgery again -- 10 plastic surgery procedures all at once, to be exact.

Hedi Montag

While it took some time for her body to heal, Heidi Montag is finally starting to look human again... barely.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

We really want to see this freckle-faced stunner succeed, but Lindsay Lohan just won't cooperate.

Lindsay's been in and out of rehab numerous times for numerous reasons, namely her addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

It was a rapid downward spiral, from rapid weight loss to dating DJ Samantha Ronson to triggering SCRAM bracelets.

But it does seem to have started post-Wilmer Valderrama break-up... just sayin'. Could Fez be to blame for her meltdowns and addictions?

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Considering Charlie Sheen was recently found passed out naked in a trashed hotel room, then hospitalized, he takes the number one spot.

Charlie Sheen scandals are always bizarre, to say the least, but lately it seems to have reached a feverish pitch.

Prior to the naked hotel room incident was the Christmas Eve assault, in which Sheen threatened estranged wife Brooke Mueller with a knife. Can you say coo-coo for Coco-Puffs?

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Eyedunno July 29, 2011 | 1:43 PM

Holy crap, showing her chest (and not even any nipples)? Smoking cigarettes? Looking at porn? That's completely off the deep end, man. (Christ, we need more rock stars chucking TV sets out of hotel windows - this article is further evidence that our culture has descended to an unprecedented level of Lame.)

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