Taylor Momsen: Out Of Control

Seventeen-year-old Taylor Momsen flashed an audience during a concert this week in New York City. Where are her parents in all of this?

Taylor Momsen turned her bad-girl behavior up to 11 earlier this week when she flashed fans at a concert in NYC.

Taylor Momsen flashes breasts on stage in NYC

Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless were performing at the Paper Magazine party at Don Hill when the 17-year-old Gossip Girl star ripped open her top during Make Me Wanna Die, revealing her bare chest.

Well, she wasn't bare-chested -- she had black pasties covering her nipples.

Rebel without a cause

The impromptu -- and illegal -- striptease is just another in a recent rash of questionable choices. She most recently appeared on the cover of Revolver magazine wearing lingerie and talked about porn and sex during the interview.

This is a girl who clearly wants attention -- she's crying out for it. Sure, many teenage girls explore their sexualities around her age, but few girls are so blatant about it. It's sad, really.

Are her parents to blame? Maybe they were stage parents and the only way she gets attention is by acting out. Or, maybe they don't care, as long as she's bringing in the cash.

Is Hollywood to blame? Maybe she's feeling the pressure to stand out among the crowd. However, she's a naturally tall, beautiful girl who would stand out without the skimpy outfits and raccoon eyes. Now she's on the verge of becoming a joke that no one in Hollywood will want to deal with.

Just be a teen, OK?

Yes, Taylor Momsen, we get it -- you're so edgy.

You're a rock star. You watch porn. You don't care what other people think.

But, you're 17. Sadly, no matter what you think, you're not old enough to be flashing your breasts on stage. Slow down -- be a teen. It's fun, and you'll miss those years when they're gone.

Or, better yet -- why don't your parents step up, be parents and give you some proper pants to wear? Just a thought.

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Comments on "Taylor Momsen flashes fans at NYC concert"

Liz November 23, 2010 | 8:23 PM

taylor momsen is extremely talented. she can sing, act and write music like nobody's business. she does what she does for the surprise factor. if you dont like her, look away. the only time i hear bad stuff about her is in stupid little gossip columns like this. shes obviously here to stay, so get used to. same goes for that "pointless lady gaga" pure genius, with the shock and awe factor to boot.

Michelle November 20, 2010 | 3:15 PM

Taylor Momson has been acting since she was 2, she never had a childhood. I don't blame her for being mature. Thank god Europeans aren't as judgmental as Americans and they actually see her for what she is, an insanely talented recording artist. She isn't desperate for negative attention, nothing like Lindsay Lohan. Anything you her about her involves her performing or working, not being out of control off stage. Does she have to flash her audience to get noticed, no, and I am sure she knows that. Rock stars aren't suppose to be well behaved, if they were no one would have any level of fascination with them! Listen to the music, let that speak for its self!

Misha October 27, 2010 | 5:01 PM

The striptease was not "illegal" as you claim. In New York state it's legal for any female to go topless in public, indoors and outdoors, ever since a 1990s state court decision. You say you live there so why didn't you check your facts first? As far as your argument "few girls are so blatant about it" you must not have heard about the ting phenomenon that's been in the news for years. Another pertinent fact is that the age of consent in New York is 17. Stop talking down to her and asking her to pretend she has no uality until her 18th birthday. She is a young woman biologically.

Lauren October 26, 2010 | 1:46 PM

JJ, I totally agree. Stop talking about her and she'll go away. I just question what she would do without the attention? This girl is two pimps and a meth addiction away from being a child prostitute.

Celia October 26, 2010 | 1:43 PM

Lest we forget, Taylor Momson also stripped down to her panties in her latest music video. Why are we harping on Miley Cyrus for grinding on dance floor with a man but Taylor Momson gets pegged as "edgy" and "angsty." Gosh, please just go away, Taylor. You have no class. Have some respect for yourself.

jj October 23, 2010 | 12:33 PM

Of course, the only rational way to get her to be any different is to ignore her. Writing articles about her behaviour will only raise her profile and plays right into the hands of the PR men who undoubtedly set her up for the stunt. Same goes for the pointless Lady Gaga. Ignore her needy, irritating grabs for attention and she will go away.

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