Billy O'Reilly Vs The View

Bill O'Reilly's comments on The View Thursday morning led Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off set. What did he say to make them so upset?

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar angrily walked off the set of The View Thursday morning following a heated argument with conservative Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walk off The View

O'Reilly appeared on the show to promote his new book, Pinheads and Patriots. Instead, he started in with Goldberg a few seconds after hitting the guest chair.

"You always give me a sort of look," O'Reilly said, mimicking Goldberg's body language.

"I have a bad case of gas," she deadpanned.

"Listen to me"

Never one to shy away from controversy, O'Reilly gave his opinion on the proposed Islamic cultural center two blocks away from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. The conservative pundit said President Obama's support of the center shows the divide between him and the rest of America.

"The mosque down here, it's inappropriate because a lot of the 9/11 families I know say 'hey, we don't want that,'" he said.

The statement visibly angered Goldberg and Behar.

"This is America!" Behar yelled.

"Listen to me, because you'll learn," O'Reilly interrupted, surprising the audience. Behar tried to make light of his comments, creating bunny ears behind his head.

O'Reilly kept up with his argument, finally prompting the liberal co-hosts to walk off stage with a particularly cold assessment of Muslims.

"Muslims killed us on 9/11!" he yelled back.

"Oh my God!" Behar said in disbelief as she stood up from her seat. "I don't want to sit here now. I don't! I'm outraged by that statement."

And like that, the two hosts walked off stage as the audience applauded.

Barbara Walters: Not Happy

A visibly angered Walters strongly scolded her co-hosts after the loud applause ended.

"You have just seen what should not happen," Walters said, addressing the audience. "We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands, and screaming and walking offstage."

She also directed her wrath at O'Reilly. "You cannot take a whole religion and demean them because of what some [did]," she scolded.

A Half-Hearted Apology

Behar and Goldberg returned to the set after a commercial break.

For his part, O'Reilly offered his version of an apology.

"If anyone felt that I was demeaning all Muslims, I apologize."

The tense situation died down after the apology and the show resumed as normal. No word on what happened backstage after the show – something tells us Walters gave her co-hosts a terse warning. It is her show, after all.

Watch the Heated Debate on The View


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Comments on "Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walk off The View"

marty mathis October 19, 2010 | 1:18 PM

Both these women are over weight, not very attractive at all. So they try and analyze everything and everyone elses problems, trying to slove the big headaches! I think it's great that the fat red head Joy and the dread locked Doopie are nice gals. They're just too cool for there own good! 70% agree with O'rielly and 30% with fat so-and doppie...what does that tell you??

ytashie October 19, 2010 | 12:20 PM

These two women are nothing but two legged yeast infections.

Gary Delabottie October 19, 2010 | 5:18 AM

Get rid of that racist Orangutan!!!

Susan Thomas October 15, 2010 | 5:04 AM

BTW Ted - if it's "correct" to say that "Muslims" crashed into the Towers on 9/11, should we also refer to the Oklahoma CIty bombers as the "white boys" who murdered hundreds of people? Should we refer to Martin Luther King's assassin as the "white" guy murderer? Or the lunatic who murdered abortion doctor George Tiller as the "Christian" murderer? Just doesn't slip off the tongue the same way, does it? That's because all of those identifications lumps a lot of innocent people who fit the same description in with the lunatics. Yes it's offensive.

Susan Thomas October 15, 2010 | 4:56 AM

Bill O is a lying, no fact checking political hack. He is one of many "conservatives" fanning the flames of discontent that have been lit by our crappy economy. Blame the Mexicans, blame the Muslims etc etc. Blame anyone and everyone except the "Wizards" of Wall Street and the multi-national corporations that have brought the economy of this country to its knees. Barbara Walters should be ashamed to be giving credibility to this idiot by asking him to be on the show. Good for Whoopi and Joy.

Mayor g October 14, 2010 | 5:59 PM

America has spoken. If the Muslims really cared they would appreciate our for fathers and take in affect the recent past and move on. They are proving Americans point by being defiant and disrespectful to thier wishes.

Jeff October 14, 2010 | 5:07 PM

Put six morons in a room together, and this is what you get.

KansasJack October 14, 2010 | 4:57 PM

Why is it that people feel they must insult the person with whom they disagree? Bill O'Reilly is neither an idiot, an ass, nor a douche. He has an opinion just like everyone else. Opinions are neither right nor wrong, they are how someone feels about something. Obviously, Joy and Whoopee felt strongly enough to leave the set. That was how they showed their strong disagreement with O'Reilly's comment. Those who must insult people with whom they disagree should grow up.

Ed October 14, 2010 | 4:50 PM

@Dean "Bill O'Reilly is not a conservative talk show host." WHAT? Are you completely DAFT? Of course he is a conservative. That's the strategy ..the conservatives keep denying they are conservatives so that they can move their extreme positions into a false middle ground and make the other side look like radical extremists...good strategy, too bad it's working... suckers like you keep buying the BS they are selling.

Lea October 14, 2010 | 4:44 PM

Actually, Dean, Goldberg and Behar are called liberals in the article.

Dean October 14, 2010 | 4:36 PM

Bill O'Reilly is not a conservative talk show host. He is an independent. Why is it LIBERAL journalists have to put the label conservative in front of someones name if he is other than a liberal, but don't put Liberal before liberal talk show hosts' names. I have never in my life seen such poor behavior, (from both sides), but more-so on the part of progressives. Goldberg and Behar's display today was apalling!!!!!!

digitalbeachbum October 14, 2010 | 4:34 PM

Bill'o is an ass. He's a contradicting, loud talking douche. He took over the show by talking loud and over the hosts. You can see him "point" his finger all the time which is a good sign of insecurity. Either way, Joy and Whoopi should have stood their ground. They should have calmly waited for all the hot air to blow out of Bill'o and then stated the facts. 70% of people polled? Bill'o needs to check another poll besides FOX news or his own website. The actual poll is 48 to 51 with 2% undecided. And it wasn't Islam which attacked us. It was Islamic extremists. To say the Christians attacked America in Oklahoma City would also be incorrect.

Larry Linn October 14, 2010 | 4:33 PM

Whoopi and Joy understand and support the Constitution of the United States. My grandparents were Christians in Northern Ireland. She was Protestant, and he was Catholic. They had to flee after death threats. When I became of age, I volunteered and joined the Army, and I served as an 11B Infantryman. Most of my time in the field was in squad or platoon size operations. We would have discussions about what we were fighting for. It always came back to the “Bill of Rights”. To me the most important was “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

R October 14, 2010 | 4:11 PM

Good for them. He's an idiot making a real good living doing things like that which end up hurting people. I don't think I'd be able to stand being in the same room with him. Of course pay me what Whoopi and Joy make and I might be able to stomach it.

Addikted2Fashion October 14, 2010 | 3:53 PM

Wow!! That was intense! Everyone is entitled to there own opinion even if you think differently from them. I love the view!! Every since Whoopi started there has been some exciting debates. xo addikted2fashion

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