Paranormal 2: Scared Again!

Paramount has released the latest Paranormal Activity 2 trailer and it only further enhances the fright factor garnered from the highly anticipated sequel’s first trailer.

The first film, Paranormal Activity, became the stuff of Hollywood legend. Filmed for next to nothing in the filmmaker's San Diego home, the film went on to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and change the marketing system for Hollywood movies forever.

Paranormal Activity 2 trailer

Paranormal Activity starred two unknowns and from the looks of the new trailer only one is back (gee, I wonder why?). What will be interesting to watch as the October 21 release date for Paranormal Activity 2 gets closer, is if the caught-us-by-surprise success of the first film will enhance or hurt the sequel's box office chances.

Paranormal Activity was a pop culture phenomenon and most of those are not replicated by a long shot. Just ask the filmmakers of Blair Witch Project. Their sequel was a complete disaster. Keenly aware of that fact, Paranormal Activity 2's filmmakers sought to avoid all the pratfalls that befell Blair Witch's creative team.

As the calendar has switched to October, the Halloween movies start to fill up on the radar. While Paranormal Activity 2 has the pedigree of the first film's passionate fan base, the jury is still out on whether that will translate into the sequel even being classified as a hit, much less a cult hit. It's hard to call a film a cult hit when the first film is now firmly entrenched in modern pop culture history.

So, let us know what you think of the new Paranormal Activity 2 trailer and if you are personally excited to go back to the palpable panic of the Paranormal Activity world.

Paranormal Activity 2 trailer

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Comments on "Paranormal Activity 2 trailer hits the web"

Brandi November 03, 2010 | 3:08 PM

I enjoyed this movie.And the first one. I would rather patronize this movie than some big budget,over-hyped,mass-merchandised,heart warming drivel. Thanks for your opinion Tom,but please don't tell me what I should or should not watch.

Tom October 03, 2010 | 5:38 PM

The public should not be deceived by this. Movies aren't pseudo- documentaries shot for $1.95; movies are an evolved art form that cost the public between $8 and $16 depending upon where a film is exhibited. I know that art is in the eyes of the beholder, but you don't go to museums to view the crayon renderings of a 5 year old and every time the public patronizes "camcorder art" they encourage more profiteers to keep duplicating this drek. Anyone who saw the first one understands how truly lame it was. We were treated more recently to a camcorder exorcism "movie". The more we see it, the more someone will try to profit from it and genuine, quality, FILMED movies will continue to be marginalized. This should be a Halloween special on the Discovery Channel, or A&E. It should not be insulting our intelligence in theaters. Standards for all movies, including horror movies, should be a lot higher...and only the public can make that happen.

Kayleigh October 01, 2010 | 9:43 PM

They're not in Micah and Katie's old house. They're Katie's family. In PA (the 1st) Katie mentions her sister, Christi, while being interviewed by the psychic, Dr.Fredrichs. In the new trailer for PA2, there is a woman named Christi, and it is obvious that the family knows Katie as they mention her. Also, in one of the viral clips, the one with the baby crawling backwards down the stairs, there is the picture of Micah and Katie on the wall, framed. It's the same image that was scratched by the demon in PA1. It's obvious that Katie (the demon) is terrorizing her own family.

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