SYTYCD: Ellen Gets Down With Twitch

So You Think You Can Dance is planning a results show that will bring America's funniest talk show host and America's favorite former So You Think You Can Dance contestant together.

So You Think You Can Dance finaleSo You Think You Can Dance will crown its season 7 champion on August 12. Kent Boyd, Robert Roldan and Lauren Froderman might be the stars of the final results show, but it's the leaked information surrounding surprise performer Ellen DeGeneres that is creating all the buzz.

Just like her inability to keep her passion for dance under wraps, Ellen DeGeneres couldn't keep her surprise appearance on the final results show of So You Think You Can Dance hidden either.

After leaks surrounding the toe-tapping comedian's appearance started to surface, Fox released a confirmation stating Ellen DeGeneres would appear on the reality series Thursday night. DeGeneres will take the stage with former So You Think You Can Dance contestant and fan favorite Twitch, for a performance sure to knock our socks off.

Also slated to appear on the results show are rock duo Black Gold and dance sensations Quest Crew. The winner of the UK version of the show, Charlie Bruce, will also help usher in the new champion.

With Ellen DeGeneres taking the stage it will be hard to focus on much of anything but we will certainly try. What are you most looking forward to seeing during the season 7 results show? Will Lauren Froderman edge out her manly competition of Kent Boyd and Robert Roldan or will Ellen DeGeneres steal their thunder? Tell us what you think.


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Comments on "So You Think You Can Dance's star-studded finale"

JackD August 12, 2010 | 6:55 PM

Saying that Ellen Degeneres is funny doesn't make it so no matter how many times you repeat it. She came up with one line while commenting on her first performance on SYTTCD: "I can do that." It was worth a chuckle once. Not again when she repeated it. Beyond that she had nothing to offer in critiquing dancers. Even less when she attempted to critique singers on Idol. So lets drop the act and let the real talent perform.

Swanita August 12, 2010 | 3:29 PM

Screw Ellen. Team Kent all the way!

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