Emily Procter Pregnant!

There must be something in the water in Los Angeles, as this is a week for celebrities expecting babies -- the latest being CSI: Miami star Emily Procter.

Emily Proctor is pregnant

More and more celebrities are announcing their pregnancies these days. CSI: Miami star Emily Procter is the latest to happily publicize that she will be joining the new mommy club.

Emily Procter, 41, is expecting a baby with her musician partner, Paul Bryan. Bryan, just two years her senior, is a music producer, arranger, songwriter and bassist, who has toured with a variety of big name musicians.

TV Guide Magazine reports that Emily Procter's pregnancy will not be written into the upcoming season of CSI: Miami, due to air in October. I think you can expect her to be standing behind large pieces of furniture and the like in a number of episodes.

Emily Procter's beautiful lips are sealed on the sex of the baby and the due date, although the grapevine says that she is five months along, meaning she's due around December. Stayed tuned to SheKnows for confirmation on that soon.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Comments on "CSI: Miami star Emily Procter is expecting!"

Felicity November 03, 2010 | 11:34 PM

Congratulations! I love Emily Proctor. What does this mean, the father is "JUST two years her senior"? I've never read a statement like this. How old is he suppose to be? Weird.

Gail October 03, 2010 | 2:04 AM

Congratulations Emily!! You're beautiful and your baby's going to be a beautY too! I just couldn't help but notice that you're 5 months along, since this is the 1st of October, your babe will be born in January and NOT DECEMBER! i HOPE YOU TEACH YOUR CHILD BETTER MATH then this current bunch of idiots! BOY, is it scary that these kids these days have journalism jobs, but they can't count???? Teach your child well. Emily here's to the best for you and your new baby and again good luck. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!!!!!!!!

allen July 30, 2010 | 1:51 AM

Congrats. Hope all goes well

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